Omniscientnot's demise

It’s been gnawing at me pretty much since soon after I registered as a Doper several months ago, what with the sudden realization that I wasn’t “alone”, my sometimes evil twin’s several gentle reminders and more or less subtle inferences as to the loss of one’s identity, the confusion and ensuing mix-up amongst other Dopers regarding the authorship of postings, etc.

I have decided to give omniscient his Christmas gift early. Omni, you will henceforth* be able to enjoy your handle(!) unfettered, you will rule unchallenged, you will again have the pleasure of wearing solo an identity I had quite unwittingly usurped (actually, it was more of an hommage to Unca Cece at the time).

*…well, perhaps not exactly henceforth-henceforth. Now comes the tricky part of re-inventing myself. I thought that the Teeming Millions could be of assistance in this regard. I have a few possibilities in mind that I would like to submit to you but feel free to add to the list if you wish. You have a general idea of my “profile” from my previous postings so if you can think of something funny/far fetched/witty/etc., I’m open.

Here are my choices: pangnosticnot (partial re-invention) and doctuscumlibro :smiley:

Closing date for submissions: Oct. 31st, 11:59 P.M. E.S.T.

how about cumulonimbus?

How about “Brad”?

This is a non-smoking area. If we see you smoking, we will assume you are on fire and act accordingly.

Well I always think of you as “omninot” - would that work? Or maybe you could do something in uppercase, so it doesn’t look so much like omniscient’s name.

[li]OmniscientNot[/li][li]omniNOT[/li][li]OMNI - forget it, nobody likes names in all caps[/li][li]Cecilnot[/li][/ul]

How about “NotOmniscient”? :wink:

I like “Brad” too.

Whatever it is, not more than four letters - I saddled myself with 13 without thinking - if you don’t want Brad, can I have it?



I’m being less than useless here, aren’t I? :slight_smile:

“I’m just too much for human existence – I should be animated.”
–Wayne Knight

Oh, my bad, I thought you were someone else…

Seriously, how about tneicsinmo?

Or Mostly Knowing?

Or we could call you…

You say “cheesy” like that’s a BAD thing.


Tells it like it is.
Perverse onomatopoetic quality.

Early reviews of the name:

Imnotomni – its a good thing. – Martha Stewart
I’ll finally stop getting his e-mail. – Sen. Daniel Inoue, Hawaii
Heh-heh. Heh-heh. – Beavis

When I worked in a Plant, we had a name for the biggest, dirtiest, smelliest, noiseist, baddest machine on the floor…


Give it time. It grows on you.

Reality is for people who can’t handle drugs.

-Tom Waits

Oooh, oooh and it’s almost a palindrome. I change my vote to Imnotomni.

Keep your name.

Fuck the bastards who are easily confused.

Yer pal,

What? I don’t get what you mean, Satan.

I’ll be there
Where I’ll teach what I’ve been taught
And I’ve been taught…

How about “Whizzer”?

Or “Anne Ramsay”?

Or “Agrajag”?

“Well, roll me in eggs and flour and bake me for forty minutes!”

The Legend Of PigeonMan

I had a friend named “Fluffy”. . . we were a bunch of band wannabes. Sylence, Fluffy, Grim, and Skeezix.

I have no clue what a Skeezix is, but it’s sure catchy. . .
– Sylence

And now, for my next trick, I will talk in spooky half-references.

I say we call him Spanky.

How 'bout it Spanky?

Actually, I think “Skeezix” was one of the characters in the Gasoline Alley comic strip. Remember that? No? Well, I…I heard about it from my Grandfather, yeah, that’s the ticket, my Grandfather!

Reality is for people who can’t handle drugs.

-Tom Waits

Omniscient is a collection of Latin roots, no? Couldn’t you combine Greek roots to get the same thing … pansophist? Pansopher? Then you could figure out how to say “not” in Ancient greek …

Actually, I just looked it up and apparently pansophist is a real word. Now that I think about it though, it’s the wrong part of speech. The word you want is pansophic. So, either somebody’s gotta figure out “not” in Ancient Greek, or you can be PansophicNot (capitalize to taste).

PansophicNon (for that Greek-Latin joint venture feel)?

Nothing I write about any person or group should be applied to a larger group.

The Skeezix was also a scary monster in the Uncle Wiggly stories. He and the
Pipsissewa were always giving the rabbit gentleman a hard time.

  • Nurse Jane Fuzzywuzzy

Omni, I don’t see why you have to change your name. I like it the way it is. I don’t confuse you and the other Omni, and I’m sure no one else does either.

Besides, none of the suggested names are any good.

This space for rent.