On how to remember how to properly spell my user-name

Imagine a near-sighted guy named Andy putting on his glasses (in one hell of a coincidence, my name is Andy, I’m near-sighted, and I wear glasses). Two eyes, then “Andy”, then four eyes. That is all.

What an awkward thread title, I realize now. I think it’s grammatically correct, but two hows is one to many.

Usually I’d just copy your name and paste it in my response.

When I saw the thread title, I thought, “It’s not that hard; it’s 2-Andy-3.” Which just proves how hard it is (or maybe that I suck at detail).

Whenever I see your username, it reminds my of Handy. Anyone remember him?

Hey, me too!

You are clearly suffering from advanced pleurisy and should ingest 3 CCs of digitalis immediately!

(Gawd, yes I remember him.)

“Aye aye, Andy!”
“Aye aye?”
“Aye aye!!”


Me three. Or is it me four?

iiandyiii, aren’t you the guy who recommended the Highlander? That was the single greatest thought in internet message board history. I’d read all of your posts, if I had the kind of ambition it takes to look for them. Maybe if you had one of your minions bring me some breakfast from Bob and Edith’s I’d feel all renewed and vigorous.

No to the first question… and I think I might be missing some references for the rest.

I thought you said it was roman columns on the ends. I’m so confused.

Originally it was roman columns, and originally I didn’t really have any intention of making it the near-sighted glasses guy. It really just was a coincidence, but I think the 2 eyes to 4 eyes glasses-guy is easier to remember. Remembering that it’s roman columns might help you remember the letters are "I"s, but not how many there are.

Thank you for that helpful mnemonic eyeeyeandreweyeeyeeyeeye. I’ll always be able to spell your name right now.

I I I I I I like him, very much.

Your welcome, ThreeArctic.

I didn’t know there were six Is in narcissist.

You wound me! I am wounded!

Thanks for this PSA. I’ll try to get it right in the future!

Now the rest of you :smiley:

Thanks! I care but didn’t know how to ask!