On Hunger and Laziness


I will start off saying that I can be a very lazy person. I am not really lazy in a self-destructive way. I tend to get all of the things I want in life accomplished and have done quite well. When it comes to things that will affect my future I give 100 percent effort.

But the trivial things like keeping a clean room or even…buying food are things I don’t really do so often.

I woke up this morning at 12:30 and I rolled out of bed and made a pot of coffee. Yes I don’t have anything to do at the moment as I am on holiday from the University. Now, I have a frozen pizza in the fridge, but I’ve been looking at SDMB and the news all day long. I even woke up hungry, but I was just to damn lazy to cook that piza. :rolleyes:

Eventually around 7 (!) i get around to cooking it. Just your typical 1 foot 4 cheeze pizza. It was okay and they are cheap, so I started devouring it. Well I only manage to eat about 7/8ths of it and then stop. And it was hard to do that.

My eating habits aren’t really good, and I don’t really pay attention. I have always been the type who was skinny. Not to say that I have no muscles. I like to think my build is pretty good, its just that I’ve never had to worry about being fat. My Dad, who is a little pudgy, was different. He always had to worry about his weight. I think if I manage to stay skinny my whole life it will only be because I am too lazy to get something to eat. Tomorrow is going to be bad because I didn’t buy food today and the grocery stores are closed on sunday in Germany.

But why is it that the more I go without eating the less I can eat in the end? I am still recovering from that meal about 2 and a half hours ago. I even had to take a nap!

I was talking to a friend of mine from Sweeden who said that when he was in the Army there (mandatory for young men) they had to go without food for something like 3 days. When he was done he said they went to McDonalds and ordered all this food, but he was so disappointed that he couldn’t even eat much of it. Strange, huh?

Anyone know about this? What about the dieting dopers? Has this ever happened to you? I’m really sorry for the obese people out there, I really think it isn’t their fault in most cases. I don’t know if they get hungry to often or eat too much. Myself I have never had a very good relationship with food, only considering it a necessity. I can’t remember how much I hated cleaning my plate when my mom told me to :wink:

Does anyone know if there is some biological or psychological reason for this difference?

I think it’s that when you don’t eat very much for a day or two, your stomach kind of shrinks and you get full very quickly. This happens to me sometimes when I got really busy I would forget to eat until about 5:30 or 6:00, fix a huge dinner, and barely be able to eat half of it, although maybe it’s because I’m eating too fast. I also spent most of my childhood and adolescence as the “eating to live rather than living to eat” type, but those days are long gone.

I can’t answer your question, but I can say that you are not alone. Sure, I like a nice meal, but eating to stay alive is a pain in the behind that sometimes I can’t be bothered with.

Someone needs to invent “People Chow”. Fast, edible, and nutritious enough that you need eat no other food. Doesn’t have to taste like chocolate cake or anything, just be edible. I think there’s a huge market.

A few years ago my brother and I set out to create a ‘savory candy bar’. We went to a cottage in the remote Irish countryside for a weekend armed with marmite, various grains and nuts, nori seaweed and agar agar. We toiled away for hours over the stove, trying different combinations of ingredients, and at the end of the day concluded that a) the texture was gross, b) it wouldn’t keep, and c) nobody would buy it.

Then I discover that a proper food manufacturer in England had made such a bar - sun-dried tomato flavor, using rice krispies as a base. I tried one last weekend. It is absolutely the most disgusting thing I’ve ever tasted. It was a sort of cold gooey tomato risotto. I gagged while tasting it, and I have a really strong stomach.

The purpose of this anecdote is to say that maybe, since there’s one on the market, more things like this will come along, and maybe even be edible one day.

This Page touts its dogfood as Human-grade. And judging by the price I think it would actually be quite believable.

Jjimm, you have to try this again, man you could be rich! If I had access to the appropriate stuff, I would try with various meals and try to dehydrate them or maybe freeze-dry them. This would certainly make the food pretty preservable. After you did that you could grind up the parts. For this, I would have to admit that I think freeze-drying might be better because I’ve never seen dehydrated vegetables or fruits so much. Then use some kind of goo to stick it all together. If you make the goo gravy-flavored, then you will be a millionaire.

Doesn’t seem very easy to find a freeze dryer, but I bet you could make one if you knew what you were doing, right? I would love some kind of food like that if it were possible to get it. Only if there were no strange preservatives. How cool would that be?