Once and for all, take 2

Rather than raise a zombie thread, I’ll start a new one. But this is topical, so I’ll address it:

Tonya Harding did not personally attack Nancy Kerrigan. Harding’s white-trash husband hired a guy to whack Kerrigan in the knee with a pipe. I won’t go on record supporting her claim that she didn’t know about the plan beforehand, but she didn’t physically carry it out, is my point.

And as long as I’m here:

The heated frying pan was drugs.

The egg, sans shell and sizzling away in the frying pan, was your brain on drugs. No one said the egg, by itself, was your brain.


Rodney King said, “Can we get along here? Can we get along?” And sounded rather shook up when he said it. I don’t know who originated the whining “Cain’t we all jest get alonnnnnnnnng?” Presumably some comedian, but it’s not what RK said.

You tell 'em!

This has bugged me off and on for some time. As I recall, the commercial’s voice-over was along the lines of:

Later on, there were t-shirts saying “This is your brain. This is your brain on the beach” or some such, getting the source material wrong.
Similarly, Kirk’s “KHAAAAANN!!!” scream did not involve an overhead camera angle with him shouting toward the ceiling, though this is the typical form of parodies.

And it’s “I have a feeling we’re not in Kansas any more,” not “I don’t think we’re in Kansas any more,” dammit!

Dammit? I thought the dog was named Toto. :confused:

Oh, and better get this one established early, while the movie is still in theaters:

The guys in Brokeback Mountain were not cowboys. They were shepherds.

Director’s cut.

No. They were cowboys who happened to work as shepherds for a season. Sorry.

Precursor to “WAAAAAAAAAAAALT!!!,” though Michael doesn’t have a ceiling.

I stand corrected, then. :::slinks away:::

Actually, the drug ad guy does say “this is your brain” when holding up the egg.

That must have been a later version, then.

The thing you stand **behind ** is the lectern. The thing you stand **on ** is the podium. Stop called the lectern the podium!

According to this, they’re synonyms.

Wasn’t the attacker Tonya’s “body guard”?

It’s in the link. The bodyguard was Shawn Eckhardt. He and Jeff Gillooly (Harding’s ex) planned the attack, but some thug named Shane Stant was the guy they hired to do it.

That might just indicate that everybody calls a lectern a podium.

Martin Lawrence started that.

Ah. I figured it was either him or one of the Wayans brothers. Thank you.

My take on the Rodney King quote is it was genuine, heartfelt statement, and the world would be a better place if we did all get along. It should not be mocked.
As a former Oregonian, I’ve always thought Tonya was unjustly ostracized, but she does seem to keep hitting people with things like hubcaps.

Well, she did a number on Paula Jones, but it was within an organized sporting event. Personally, I think Jones was nuts to take on a former Olympic athlete. They’re used to ten-hour training days and whatnot.