Once in a generation a movie comes along

That bares the watermark of the new order, a subversive assault on the senses, that flounces convention and vexes the powers that be…

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you that movie:

Desert Strike

Yes, definitely a new order. This is not a B-movie, or even a C-movie. It’s an F-movie. :grin:

This film doesn’t seem to exist in IMDB, neither under the name supplied, nor as a work associated with Bjornsson (the big guy). Can’t find any page for Mike Tyson as an actor. I wonder if they have more than just a trailer.

I did some digging I think this is the already-filmed Pharoah’s War.

edit: Yep, I appear to be correct.

Why couldn’t we have had a feature length version of Mike Tyson Mysteries instead?

Based on the trailer, I’m guessing that Tyson and Bjornsson have maybe 5 minutes of screen time, combined. They probably flew to the set, filmed their “scenes”, and left the same day with half the film’s budget between them.

“Once in a generation…”

Does this mean that I won’t see anything this incompetently bad for at least another 20 years?

Or, better yet, a film depicting the stuff in the opening credits of Mike Tyson Mysteries.

Or a live action movie. If they skipped CGI and had Norm Macdonald perform in a pigeon suit, I would buy a ticket.

I found an article about the movie that says that the actual protagonist of the movie is a character named Yehya (aka “Pharoah”), played by Egyptian actor Amr Saad, who is trying to rescue his abducted girlfriend. This trailer probably more accurately reflects how much screen time Tyson has in the movie.