Once Upon A Time - Season 4 Thread

Season 4 premieres tonight, preceded by a one-hour “the story so far” special.

Since the level of posting this show gets isn’t very large, I figure a season-long thread should work. After an episode airs, open spoilers are fine, but if you have knowledge of something coming up that hasn’t been aired yet, please use spoiler boxes.

At the very end of season 3, we got a tease about Elsa (from Frozen) coming to Storybrooke, so I’d expect that to be a major arc this season. I’m glad I finally saw that movie recently.

Also, I was pleased to read that the second half of the season will see

the return of Kristin Bauer van Straten (True Blood’s Pam) as Malificent. I liked her earlier appearances on the show.

Will Regina go back to being Evil now that her beloved Robin Hood has reunited with Maid Marian, or will she keep trying to reform?

Will married life tame Rumplestiltskin’s devious ways?

How long before the Charming’s new baby is put into peril?

Will Red return since her show with Sawyer got cancelled? :wink:

Tune in to find out!

I may be talking to an empty room, but…

I liked the premiere. I liked that they worked some of the Frozen backstory in without rehashing every bit of it, and are giving us a continuation of their story. We saw the snow monster, the trolls, and the reindeer–I wonder if they’ll bring in Olaf?

Regina is really messed up–I can never tell when she’s going to do good or evil, and I like her like that.

I don’t really care about the Emma/Hook romance–it bores me.

Good to see the Mirror again!

agree with your post tangent - the Frozen elements were good - and give me hope - I can do without the ‘will Regina be good/evil’ bits as well as Emma/Hook - those are boring at this point.

The casting was really awesome, looks-wise. I haven’t seen Frozen, but the live-action characters really, really look like their cartoon counterparts to me.

I was expecting a slow buildup so that we wouldn’t have any idea what the season was about until ep4 or later. But this got right into it.

Still a bit mystified about what’s happening with Rumple and the strange house Belle found. Is it Elsa’s parent’s place?

That looked to me to be Mickey’s hat from Fantasia - maybe its Walt’s ?

I agree. Elsa is being played by Georgina Haig, who played Peter and Olivia’s daughter in Fringe. She’s really beautiful.

So, how is having Storybrooke being magically frozen different from any other winter in Maine?

uh - vengeful/gaurdian giant snowmen ----

I’m pretty sure that happens in Maine. They wander down from New Brunswick from time to time.

I was wondering how they were going to make Anna the “villain” since she isn’t in the movie (of course, neither is Peter Pan).
But (as is sometimes the case) it could be solved by people sitting down and talking.

The “find the writer of the book” sounds intriguing


I dunno, I didn’t really dig it. What I liked about this show is it takes really well known characters and turns them on their side. Red is actually the wolf, Snow is a badass, Charming is a farmboy, Hook is the good guy, etc. With the Frozen crew they seem to be doing a very straight, basic rehash of them as their exact same movie characters…except without the extremely high acting and writing talent the movie had. I’ll still watch, of course I’ll still watch it’s like crack, but I wish they hadn’t gone with Frozen.

Episode 2 - October 5

Looking forward to more Elsa tonight, hopefully. I wonder how she came to be in Rumple’s vault. I also wonder how much leeway the OUAT writers have with these Frozen characters. Is Disney making a sequel? I doubt events from this show would be considered “canon” but they may not want the stories to conflict too much.

In a real twist, it turns out Elsa is actually a Nazi.

I liked the flashback scenes with David and Anna. How 'bout that hair on David!
I love that they wrote Bo Peep as a villain, and that her Storybrooke job is a butcher.

The stuff with Elsa in Storybrooke just kinda seemed like a really cheap retread of Frozen, where Elsa is putting people in danger but she’s not a villain.

oh, so that’s who that was. Not having seen Frozen I was stumped as to who they were bringing in.

“A power outage must be your worst nightmare, former star of Revolution, a show about a worldwide power outage!”

lol, good one

dont really care for this whole ice queen storyline, no idea who these chicks are, beyond that they’re from some incredibly recent movie. stick to classic fairytales and such, bro. though that one girl “joan” is hella cute

weird that the actor who played will in wonderland is listed amongst the regulars in the credits, his story seemed pretty finished when that show ended. i realize he could show up in flashbacks with robin hood or something, but that seems like it would be more a guest doing that than a regular.

I’m enjoying it. Much better than the Wizard of Oz thing they used last. and I like Hook. Emma needs a good dunking though.

Episode 3 - October 12

I love that Elizabeth Mitchell is on this show, at least for a time. Juliet was my favorite character on Lost. Mitchell can play sweet and strong and intimidating very well. Though even she wasn’t enough to keep me watching Revolution.

Some pretty good writing in this one, I thought. The reveal of Mitchell from the urn in the flashback was unexpected, and using her magic on Marian in Storybrooke was a good way to drive that storyline (the Regina/Robin/Marian triangle) forward.

Emma’s magic seems to be getting stronger–or at least she is learning better how to use it.

Hook is playing with fire by letting Mr. Gold know that he knows about the dagger.

Next week: Hook shows up to take Emma on a ‘date’ dressed in modern clothing! :smiley:

The Snow Queen is a very old, eerie fairy tale, not very well served by melding it with “Frozen” - two lovely costumed ladies shooting ice around. One or the other, I say.

Even if I get lost, I watch it for the actors in their pretty costumes. I am still enamoured of Rumplestiltskin, and he will be back in that form next week, dearies.

I was really bored last season and a bit of the one before. I was on the edge of giving it up entirely, maybe doing a marathon once a year or something, but this season has really turned around for me. I don’t look forward to it with bated breath for 7 days, but when it’s over, I don’t think “That was a waste of my time”. It’s funny and thrilling, but not so far up its own ass that I want to smack everyone. It’s unusual for a show, especially one so high-concept, to reverse a downward spiral in quality.