Orange is the New Black, Season 4

Season 4 of OITNB just came out. I binge watched it yesterday.

If you watched it, what do you think?

I’ve only watched the first 2 eps so I might not hang around this thread too long if it starts to get spoilery. It is not incumbent upon those who have seen it to shield others from spoilers so if you all want to discuss without spoiler tags, please feel free.

Really enjoying what I’ve seen so far; it’s many times better than season 3, even though it’s more over the top than ever. A couple of questions. . .

Did anyone have the subtitles on during the scenes between the different Latinas? They’ve always peppered the show with snippets of it so I didn’t bother putting them on and then it turns out that there was a lot of dialogue in Spanish. Is it worth it / necessary to rewatch it?

Can someone remind me of Morello’s situation? How is it that she got married? Of course I recall her whole obsession and the reason she’s in prison but for the life of me I can remember how her story ended up last season.

Finally did the scene where Alex goes back to the shed to finish killing the guard really happen? One minute it seems totally implausible and outrageous and at the same time it did seem real in the way that she acted while it was happening. Sorry if the answer is obvious but it’s driving me a little bit batty.

Oh, and the song at the end of ep 1 (Mother Fucker Got Fucked Up) just cracked me the hell up.

Yeah, you should. Lots of dialogue in Spanish, possibly some big plot points were discussed, but maybe not so much in Ep1 or 2. Maybe watch Ep3 with them and see if you are confused and if so, go back.

I think it was the result of the writing letters to an inmate thing that people sometimes do.

I’ve watched up to Ep10. So I’m in the home stretch. Really enjoying the season. Will say more once I’ve finished.

I think so. I kept expecting it to be a dream or imagination that he opened his eyes but apparently that was real too.

Is it just me or does Lolly remind anybody else of Anderson Cooper?

I’m on episode seven and I LOVE that … Nicky’s back!! I guess it’s not completely spoiler-worthy since the actress’ name is in the credits from the start, but just in case.

I’m thoroughly enjoying this season, more than three I think.

Way better than season 3 and probably 2. Nice to see it reserve its downward trend.

I’ve finished it and enjoyed it, but (warning - major spoiler)

I’m disappointed that Poussey died. She was my favorite, although I also understand why it had to be her. I don’t think it made sense for Daya to be the one who held the guards at gunpoint.

She did a bunch of letter writing romances in season 3. Many scenes of her reading up on the various guys’ interests and pretending to be interested in them herself. Most were creeps or losers, but she hit it off for real with one guy. He was a Jersey Shore type, and what really won her heart was when she sent him (and his buddies) to beat up that guy from her origin story. The one where she went out with him for one drink and then stalked him, eventually stealing the prison van to break into his house and take a bath.

At the end of season 3 they had an official wedding, with Red as her maid of honor and the guards as witnesses. After the ceremony Healy explains how there’s no conjugal visits, but the female guard let them go to town in the break room by the vending machines.

EDIT: I won’t get to see season 4 until next year when it comes out on DVD. Season 3 came out last month; I just finished it a couple weeks ago.

I didn’t like the season very much. The first few minutes of the first one and most of the last two were good for me, but the middle felt like filler. And by good, I mean well-written and compelling, not that I ENJOYED what was going on.

I’ve liked each season a little less than the one before, but I still really enjoyed the first three. This one was a big drop for me, but it’s not surprising. I hung on till the end of Weeds and I expected it to kind of do the same thing.

I just finished it. I think this is probably the best season since Season 1 (though very different - going from one main narrative and a few side stories to many ‘side’ narratives that sometimes move in and out of what is considered to be the main narrative - I really like the latter way of storytelling better. For one, it’s far more unique)

They teased it (major spoilers):

[spoiler]Daya kept on hanging out with the more aggressive Latinas after her mom left. Maria kept warning her over and over not to hang out with that crowd.

Also, what a contrast with the end of last season. Both season finales had the entire prison together, but S3 ended with everyone enjoying something together and S4 ended with everyone wanting to burn the prison down[/spoiler]

Yes, she started hanging out with the rough crowd, but unless I forgot something, that only consisted of her painting nails and looking the other way during the drug run. There wasn’t any real build up, like having her participate in anything dangerous first. She just dived straight into the deep end.

I’ve been doling out the episodes slowly so that I can stretch out the entertainment. Really wish I hadn’t caught a glimpse Omega Glory’s spoiler, but that will learn me for clicking stuff knowing good and well I haven’t seen everything yet.

Just wrapped up the sixth episode. I’m absolutely loving how the show isn’t holding back any punches as far as the white privilege thing goes.

The scene where Black Cindy and Muslim Girl bond over their hate for Ron L. Hubbard was hilarious.

Wow, just finished the the season. So many feelings and questions,mostly because I watched it with a fever. It took me three sessions of falling asleep and restarting to see everything and I think I need to watch it all again with a clear head in order to really appreciate it.

As Helena330 mentioned, but I won’t use a spoiler box because her name is in the credits, Nicky is back and I was really disappointed with both her (lack of) story and in a way, Natasha Lyonne’s performance. The latter may be due to the former, in that it’s the same old thing so now it just seems like a schtick.

Does anyone know why Laverne Cox’s role is so small? Is she leaving the show now that she seems to be getting more attention / parts in other things?

Ditto the killing off of Poussey. Clearly it was an impactftul plot point but is there also something behind the scenes with Samira Wiley?

I enjoyed seeing more character’s back stories although I’m not quite sure I totally understand Blanca’s. Do you think she ended up killing the old woman? Also, she seemed quite normal and pretty in her flashback as opposed to half crazed cavewoman in present day. I hope they delve further into how she got to where she is now I woke up to the shot of her face with that wild ass music in the background and it scared the hell out of me.

It was announced a day or two ago that she’s joining the cast of FXX’s* You’re The Worst*. Not sure if that’s a cause or a consequence of her departure.

I want to find out what the white woman who was trying to get with Crazy Eyes is in for – what could it be?! Clearly some thing that made an impression on the warden/CO reading her folder.

Hilarious when Judy King is leaving and looks down each hall to see a different enraged group approaching – her worst nightmare! Great comic touch.[/spoiler][spoiler]I really want the psycho CO to get his. But I don’t want Daya to do it!

My wife finished the season a day before I did. She told me someone died, but she didn’t say who. I thought about it for a minute, and guessed that it was probably either Poussey or Soso; the reason being that those two were the only ones who seemed to find some real happiness this season, and on any good drama, happiness must be brutally crushed. Sadly, I was right.

I don’t know if Blanca’s flashback was necessarily about the crime that got her put in prison, I think it was about the moment in her life when she just stopped giving a fuck what people thought of her. As to her appearance, I think it may be one or both of two things: 1. She’s in prison, and doesn’t feel the need to put on the beauty display for anyone, and/or 2. She looks vaguely menacing, which can be useful in a prison environment.

What a powerful season, touching upon so many topical subjects. It’s the best season by far. Not as many laughs (the attempts at humor often fell short for me). But so many “oh shit” moments.

About how much time has passed in-show? (I’m halfway through watching season 4.) I remember there being a Thanksgiving episode, and it’s at least been long enough for Daya to have her kid, and it seems to be summertime based on the garden and what people wear outdoors. I don’t remember what time of year it was when Piper went in, though. About a year has passed, maybe?

I soooo want a spin-off series that features Red. I’m riveted when Kate Mulgrew is in a scene!