Orange is the New Black, Season 5

Orange is the New Black season 5 premieres tonight. I was surprised there was no thread yet. I have no other commentary, as I just started watching… Enjoy!

I’ve never watched it, but one of my students appears in episode 4.

There is no way a full scale, chaotic riot would go unanswered for this long in a real-life prison, even minimum security, right?

I guess I don’t have too much of an issue with suspension of disbelief. This show has become another surreal, hyperbolic version of reality. I’m starting to think of the lake scene at the end of season 3 in much the same way as the Agrestic fire in Weeds.

I started watching this morning at midnight. I agree with your spoiler.

Maybe that’s the Jenji Kohan trademark? Start out semi-believable and just go further and further out each season?

There isn’t any way to talk about it without spoiler boxes! I haven’t used them before so I may have to delete part of my post until I learn properly, but: I’m on episode eleven. This format is weird and has gotten monotonous. How many days do these 13 episodes cover?

I finished spring quarter classes on Wednesday and bingeing on this is my gift to myself. :smiley: I was WIPED OUT.

I got no sympathy for Humps, I’ll tell ya that for nothing.

The first ep started off shaky. So much so, that despite looking forward to this season I turned it off after ten minutes and then really wasn’t that excited to watch the rest of it. Yesterday I decided to give it another shot and sure enough, I binged five episodes.

The premise of a prison riot has a lot of potential but I’m not sure about the direction it’s being taken. This show already requires more suspension of disbelief than most and this season is no exception. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

I like that we get just enough Suzanne to keep her endearing but not over the top. Actually you could say that about all the characters. I think it works best when we get small glimpses of more characters. I could do without Brook alltogether, but then she was never my favorite anyway. Was Ruiz always such a monster? I’m having serious cerebral flatulence as far as last season and some of the character development. Caputo’s girlfriend’s backstory is kind of funny but doesn’t really mesh with her current self. I can’t decide if she’s a shark or a spoilt sorority girl.

A couple questions:

[spoiler] What’s the deal with Red and the pictures of Piscatella’s table setting hobby / homosexuality? He didn’t seem too worried when she confronted him and as Nicky asked, who cares? What did the tattoo on his wrist indicate? Sorry if it’s obvious; maybe my mind wondered or something :o

What was the last thing we heard about the guard they buried in the garden? Alex is freaking out that the press coverage will draw attention to her but wouldn’t the people responsible for sending the hit man already know something went wrong and that she’s still alive [/spoiler]

Ahhhhghhh! I just finished the last episode of this season… The cliffhanger is KILLING me! And we have to wait till NEXT YEAR for resolution?


The tattoo was the initials of the inmate he was in love with. The inmate tattooed himself with Piscatello’s initials as well.

I’m coming to realize and accept that increasing surrealism is, as lisiate suggested, Jenji Kohan’s trademark.

Her back story is so tragic. I’d like to think that in reality, she’d be in a hospital and not in jail. I’m not sure if that’s true, though…

I think last season’s cliffhanger was a lot more interesting.

This time, there are way too many major characters directly threatened. I’m pretty sure either one will die somehow, or they’ll all live.

No sympathy for Piscatella, either. Even after learning a bit about his back story and why he’s such a prick, good riddance.

Being careful of spoilers, because I’m only a couple episodes in, but…

Given the paragon of competence that MCC has shown itself to be, I can see them taking a few hours to formulate and enact a response. What does stretch suspension of disbelief for me is how long it took to come out that Daya didn’t have the gun any more, especially given the ridiculous ways they tried to cover it up.

To be fair, he thinks the dead guard was a legit guard, brutally murdered, not a hit man, a worse criminal than any of the women in there, who was legitimately killed in self-defense. Humps is just a goddamned psychopath.

I think in the first season one character said something like “Don’t worry, this isn’t ‘Oz’.” Now that it has turned into ‘Oz’, it doesn’t really bother me (except maybe for Season 4 where Piper was turning into a ruthless prison gang leader for a while).

Oh, another thought, on something insignificant enough not to warrant spoiler boxing…am I the only one who has a hard time buying that Boo would fit into Caputo’s suit that well? I mean, granted, it wasn’t a sleekly tailored bespoke job, but Boo and Caputo are built completely differently. (Conversely, it did set up a surprisingly clever joke from Leanne…‘Cabooto’, heh…)

Also So many lols at Sophia’s ‘escape’, and the CO she encountered’s reaction to it. (Yeah, I’m watching the episode very slowly…)

Watched the first episode, but won’t be watching any more. It feels like the series has jumped the shark to me.

Another small thing I noticed - and it may have been in just one episode - a lot of references to “ripped from the headlines” shootings, i.e. Fort Hood, Aurora, San Bernardino (I think) and others that I can’t recall at the moment.

Also, I think the scene where Gina rubs menstrual blood on her face was one of the grossest things I’ve seen on this show. I’m not squeamish and I’m the opposite of a prude. Don’t know why I was so especially put off by it but just . . yuck.

I love the shit they have Maritza and Flaca coming up with.

After last season I said this show would be better if they cut down the focus on Piper. Well, this season has done that, and it is arguably not better. It’s a little boring. I don’t know how many episodes I’ve seen, but I think we’ve only covered a couple days. And not enough is happening.

I do, too. They’re cute and hilarious! Towards the end of the season, I thought they were the best thing about the show.