Orange is the New Black

I watched the first episode and was hooked. I then binged on the rest.

Anyone else watching? If so, what do you think?

Watched the first episode. If I had known Jason Biggs was in it, I probably wouldn’t have even bothered, I almost gave up when I saw his name in the credits, but at that point I had like 2 minutes invested in it.

Since you binged on the rest, I assume it’s worth it, at this point (one episode in), I have no idea where they’re going with it, there’s no plot, no real conflict, nothing really to go on. If I stopped watching right now, I’d forget about it in a day. I’ll stick with it though and see what happens.

That Yoga Jones lady caught me off guard, she looked like a strung out Edie Falco. Turns out she did Patti’s voice from Doug.

Seen 3 episodes so far, will watch a few more today. I think it’s a hit for Netflix. There are some seriously hilarious parts and I’m enjoying seeing the backstories of the inmates.

I watched the first episode today. I didn’t think I’d ever say this, but the nudity and sex seems very gratuitous. That’s coming from a man who likes Strike Back and Game of Thrones.

I’ll probably give it another episode to see where it’s heading.

I have to admit, I thought the same thing.
I like my sex and nudity gratuitous, but this seemed over the top. If the rest of the season is like that (WRT nudity) I wonder if it’ll hurt the ratings.

Yes, T and A are among my favorite letters, but they aren’t helping here. I felt the same way about Girls on HBO, but I am entirely of the wrong generation for that one, so it’s harder to tell where that one lost me.

No desire to see it, because I read the book.

I don’t understand why one precludes the other, but thank you.

What’s the show about, Oompa-loompas in the 'hood?

On the off chance that that’s not a woosh, it’s about a nice girl, about to get married but has to serve a 15 month prison sentence for moving some drug money a while back (how she got picked up, I’m not clear on yet, I’m sure they’ll come back to it later in the series).


I read the book and am looking forward to watching it, when I’m done bingeing on The Americans.


Just saw the first two episodes. I came into it with the impression that it was going to be laugh-out-loud funny, when it’s really more wry. And very depressing.

Is it a comedy or drama? (It’d be great if Lucille Bluth is one of the prisoners in a crossover.)
Is the nudity all female?

I just watched the first six episodes. It’s really good.

It’s one of those comedies that has really good dramatic moments. It’s better at the drama part, however. The comedy is not all that great.

The nudity is all female. And there’s a lot of lesbians.

I like the show because it has a large cast, but it doesn’t rely on one dimensional stereotypes. All the characters are well developed. It reminds me of Lost and Firefly, where you spend time with a group of characters who are stuck together, but somehow make it work.

Also, every episode has a Lost style flash back for one of the prisoners before they went to prison.

If you like good TV drama, and you’re looking for something original, you should check this show out.

Okay, that’s it, good enough recommendation for me. I’m off to check it out. If you don’t hear back from me, would someone remind me to eat and go to the bathroom at some point, please?

For those who are into that sort of thing, I’ll note that Laura Prepon (of That 70’s Show) plays one of the prisoners and she is doing nude scenes.

:eek: 16 year old me would have probably fainted at this news.

It wasn’t until she started talking that I even realized it was her, I didn’t see her name in the credits, but she has a pretty distinct voice (I didn’t recognize her with the dark hair and glasses).