Once Upon A Time - Season 4 Thread

I found Charming’s monologue about how his dad died drunk driving a cart oddly hilarious.

And there’s Will, after being credited but not showing up the first two eps, not in flashback, but no explanation of why he’s back in storybrook without his lady. Hopefully we’ll find out sooner than later.

Any guesses on why the Ice Cream Lady wanted to kill Marian?

This weeks episode went heavy on Fantasia.

So is Henry Mickey Mouse now? :stuck_out_tongue:

So, once again, everyone has to know everyone else but only one party knows it. I am getting very tired of that writing.

Revolution reunion! Not quite as fun as Hurley and Jin reuniting on Hawaii Five-O, but it made me snicker a little.

I’m betting Emma’s former partner in crime shows up again, can’t imagine that birthmark was there for more than so when an older actress shows up with the same one we know it’s supposed to be her.

Once Upon a Time has had its share of former Losties: Hurley, Claire, Juliet, Charlotte, and Mr. Widmore, and maybe more? I’m not sure how many of them have shared screen time.

I was frustrated the whole episode trying to remember where I had seen young Emma’s friend before. It finally hit me–the actress is a regular on the show Defiance on Syfy.

The Emma/Hook romance still makes me want to barf, but other than that I enjoyed the episode. I liked the Mirror double-crossing Regina.

Lana Parilla too.

Wow, no one is talking about this?

maybe because the writers decided to hit the entire cast with the stupid stick this season? :stuck_out_tongue:

I was disappointed with the last couple of episodes. The resolution to the Snow Queen arc was a little too easy. Love conquers all and whatnot. Very Disney though, I guess. And I imagine Ingrid isn’t dead dead.

Yeah. Gold could have sucked her into the hat, saved the day, been a big goddamn hero and still had the power for his evil plot. But no, that would have been too short, and we wouldn’t have got the Disney happy ending for the Frozen cast and Juliette, err Ingrid.

Don’t they get hit with that stick every year?

In fact, imagine this as the characters of this show and the stupid stick making contact.

Second half of season 4 starts… now!

The end of the previous episode had Ursula, Cruella de Ville, and Maleficent taking an interest in Storybrooke.

Wasn’t Maleficent the dragon that Emma killed in season 1?

I was trying to figure out in the timeline when it was that Rumple brought the three evil queens together the first time. Before or after the curse that sent everyone to Storybrooke?


Yes, but according to Mr. Gold she’s only mostly dead. :wink: