One a penny, two a penny

Mmm. I made a double batch of Paul Hollywood’s hot cross buns last night. Of course, I tweaked it to my preferred specifications, including tripling the cinnamon, adding a tsp of ground cloves, (I would have added nutmeg too, but we’re out – US grocery stores don’t sell that useful blend, “mixed spice.”) and tripled the candied orange peel (again, I’ve never seen “mixed peel” here, in fact, I can only get the orange and citron kinds, and only around Christmas; they’ve been in my freezer, waiting for this day.) I also added the spices into the hot milk, instead of kneading into the proved dough with the fruit. I don’t think I scalded the milk last year, but I did this year, and I think it’s made quite a difference.

I also baked them in a rimmed pan, quite close together, so they touched as they baked, giving them lovely soft sides.

Sadly, my crosses didn’t come out. I didn’t make enough, and the second batch pretty much disappeared on baking – too much icing sugar, I think. In the past, I’ve had good luck with a paste of flour, icing sugar and a pinch of baking powder, so it puffs a bit.

And, I glazed with golden syrup instead of apricot jam. Much nicer! Despite the crappy crosses, I think they look delicious!

In Australia, you can buy these in every bakery, every supermarket, from January through to around May. I miss them!

Sounds delish. Hope,they don’t have soggy bottoms!

You can do a very fine cross-shaped slash(not really necessary though) in their tops prior to baking, then apply the sugar glaze after removal from the oven. The crosses will be more evident then. Or, slash half of them, glaze them all, and see which you prefer. Allow the buns to cool before glazing, sugar is so melty-melty. All the supermarket bakeries around here(Philadelphia), and many private ones, carry hot cross buns throughout Lent.

I’ve always wondered about that lyric, “one a penny, two a penny”. If you could buy them for two for a penny, why ever buy them for one for a penny?

The penny buns are bigger than the halfpenny ones.