"One Letter Difference" Thread Titles -- Take II

Thought I’d give this idea another spin…

Ways to play:

Add one letter, as in I wish to bed Lindsay Lohan… NOW!

Remove one letter, as in Who else has ack spasms?
This one just tickles me with visions of Bill The Cat :slight_smile:

Or change one letter, as in A wizard just showed up at my office!
Got any more?

**Share your most vivid creams
is this funny only to me? overheard conversation excerpt with 30-year-old ** :smiley:

Well theres
Lust kitty …
50 more gays!
Your most bizarre bran fart
I think my sex might just be allright
Logo contest, 50 fucks up for grabs
Did you go through a gay/bi “chase” in high school?
Need a Chicken Poodle Soup recipe
Leather boob bindings
How can the federal gov’t not recognize S&M?
Been seeing a lot of bare bummers lately…