"One Letter Difference" Thread Titles

Since I’m always misreading thread titles anyway, we might as well get some entertainment out of it.

Ways to play:

Add one letter, as in Hot Greek Action!

Remove one letter, as in The rag on your spouse thread!

Or change one letter, as in We’re enraged!

So what’cha got?

Huh…didn’t even notice until preview, but I picked all titles with exclamation points. Odd.

Lesson No. 1: Don’t Hump To Conclusions

The Illuminati Don’t Want You To Drink Your Town Urine

NYC Gay Pride Parade…meh…I’ve been gayer

Ooh! I got my first shit on wheresgeorge.com!

I hate over 10,000 comics

What’s the difference between a shit and a boat?

My house and BO are possessed

Tony Randall dad at 84.

Muddy Boobs Near Dayton

Bad Writhing

Bushy Ladies! Help me with this Lingerie Conundrum

A sin for the times
Wife wants me to fear queer looking pants
He humped me …
I Got Suet!
Golf farts
Lesbians in non-western Vultures
The Canadian Erection

Veterinarian - good career? in IMHO… I read it as Vegetarian - good career?

If life gives you demons…

A men’s pee pee inquiry. Not Tim , I promise.

Why am I waving tingling patches?

My hose and SO are possessed.
Wife wants me to fear queer looking pants.

Mostly harmless but fun Welding practical jokes. (Ha ha!)

Hot Geek Auction!

WWII Russion suicide Nuns.
Longtime posers missing in action
Planning a UK Wankabout
Quiz bowel challenges.

Anyone have cavies or rabbis?

Wife Wants Me To Wear Queer Looking Plants

Terrific presidential bad history site