one more Billy Jack thread and I will stop

This is the third weekend in a row that the Sony Movie Channel has been playing out the Billy Jack saga.

The third, and undoubtedly the worst of this movie series is Billy Jack Goes to Washington. It was so bad that you probably have never seen it. The theatrical release was limited to one sneak revue in LA and one here in my home town! From the IMDB trivia section:

That’s pretty cool! Why Omaha? Is it a usual movie test market?

I liked “The Born Losers” and “Billy Jack” but I haven’t seen the others.

AS far as I know, Omaha is not really a test market. The Spencer Tracy movie, “Boys Town” was filmed here and we had the premiere.

The Admiral Theater is gone, but it was the venue for the midnight movies that did not do well in the mainstream. It was the long time site for Rocky Horror. We also saw Phantom of the Paradise, 2000 Motels, Zachariah, Steelyard Blues and other rather off beat movies there.

It closed years ago and stood empty for a while. It was torn down and now there is a dialysis clinic on that corner.

I saw Billy…Washington a while back on TV. I don’t remember which channel, but I liked the way Lucie Arnaz looked in it.

In case no one has seen these, there is a website called “Jabootu” that does long reviews/analysis of bad movies.
Billy Jack GTW

I can’t say it’s gutbustingly funny, but it is interesting.

The Trial of Billy Jack is one of my favorite Bad Movies of all time.

Is Billy Jack Goes to Washington available on Netflix? My wife and I haven’t had a Bad Movie Night in a while.


Laughlin promoted his movies by renting the entire theater and taking all the ticket sales himself. So any test market would be a theater that he could rent cheap.

which explains why the sneak was in a cheap neighborhood theater in Omaha Ne.