One of our own. I'm worried. [Dropzone has tested positive for COVID]

Dropzone/Mikey has tested positive for COVID, this time.
The place where he’s been has sent him to the hospital.

As he’s a good friend, I’m very worried. His daughter will keep me posted on his ordeal.
I will post the info as much as I’m able.

Y’all send some good vibes, please.

Sorry to see this. Yes, do keep us posted. I wish him a speedy recovery.

I’m very sorry to hear it :frowning:

Keeping fingers crossed and hoping for the best.

Keep us posted!

What disturbing news. I wish him every strength.

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Keeping him in my prayers. I’ve been worried for him, and for anyone in a nursing facility these days.

Thanks for fixing the title, ecg, I meant to do it that way.
I’m alittle discombobulated.

Well, damn.

I’m very sorry to see this. Has he been suffering symptoms, Beckdawrek? I’m hoping he comes through this OK. Thanks for keeping us informed.

Prayers, wishes, and hopes for a complete recovery.

And, drat.

So … I thought the nursing home’s story was that he’d already had it and passed it to the Director of Nursing.

None of that’s so, then?

Best wishes to dropzone. If you’re reading this, I hope you make it through. And give 'em hell

I’m so sorry to hear this and hope we hear better news of him soon.


So sorry to hear that.

Sending healing thoughts

Best wishes, Dropzone!

He has been tested a few times. I’m not sure why. Maybe they’re testing everyone who was in near contact with the dead lady.

He has asthma and other issues that will make it harder to fight the virus.
I have my fingers crossed.

Very sorry to hear this.

doesn’t he have a family ? if so I’m surprised they let him stay in the dump he was in …

Keep us updated, please. Fingers crossed.