One sink or two?

I have an old soapstone sink in my laundry room. The washing machine drains into it, and sometimes i rinse out a litter box in it or something.

It’s in poor shape, the drain leaks a little, and everyone who has looked at it says they can’t touch it, because it they do it will probably break irreparably.

I’m having some other work done around the house, so i thought now might be a good time to replace it. I think I’m going to get something in 16 gauge 304 stainless steel. But i have choices. 21" front to back or 24"? Or the harder question, do i want to maintain two tubs? Replace them with one enormous tub? One 24"x24"x16" tub? One 24"x21"x13" tub?

I would go with the largest one. With a sloped drain/dry area beside it.
Sometimes you just need a big sink to deal with odd stuff. I need to install a big one in my basement.

Two tubs are useful if you want to stack wet stuff on one side and still use the other side. Some people like that in kitchens, for instance. If you don’t do that, I’d vote for a single larger tub.

Our plumber talked us out of a single bowl kitchen sink when we remodelled, and I’ve regretted it ever since. We don’t have a utility sink, so that one is it.

I would love to have something like this.

Ikea VATTUDALEN. Had one of these. Sink is not so big, but the draining board is a nice feature.

I’m looking at larger sinks than that. More like


Another item I just remembered - I opted for something that has rounded edges for the four corners. Basically, I didn’t want there to be sharp 90 degree angles that were hard to clean. Rounded transitions mean you can wipe or brush things down easier.

I’ve always had split sinks, but I’ve stayed in places with a single large bowl and I think I prefer that.

For a basement utility sink, I’d definitely go with two basins. There are a lot of situations where you’d want a solution (bleach, detergent, whatever) in one and clear rinse water in the other, or things sitting in one soaking for an extended time while you can still use the other, or the like.

A kitchen sink is different. There, if you want two basins, you can accomplish that by putting in two dishpans. At least, if the sink is large enough, and roughly rectangular: I’ve seen too many kitchen sinks that are just small enough, or rounded enough on the corners, or whatever, that you can almost but not quite fit two dishpans in them.

If I were remodeling, I’d look into moving the grey water from laundry for use in my garden / lawn.

I do not have an opinion on 1 or 2 sinks, but please watch like a hawk that the contractor does not use any chrome or brass or iron parts (they will corrode and make it look ugly). So the legs of your basins should be stainless, the bolts that bolt it down to the concrete must be stainless, all fittings must be stainless, etc etc