Online gambling - no silly hats, but still in the tradition


Melbourne Cup day today, aka National Silly Hat Day, and due to various hassles I couldn’t get to the TAB. So for the first time ever I bet online.

I have 4 horses I’m backing plus a mystery trifecta. It’s nice to have lots since you know you’re going to lose your cash, and you may as well have the fun of winning back $10 or so of your $35 bet :slight_smile:

Last year I wore a chicken hat and claimed it was a scratching (groan). This year i was too rushed to locate a silly hat, but at least i’m in.

Go Bold Bard!
I picked the longest odds available. Hey, if he wins I’ll be a couple of hundred bucks up, but if I picked a favourite I’d only make $5 and what’s the point?

Big Pat! Actually, I’ve never heard of this horse, but as a once-a-year punter, that doesn’t say much. anyway, I’ve got it in the sweep at work. Ten bucks down the tubes probably (unless I get the consolation prize for the wooden spoon). Eh well.

Good luck to all the Aussies and others interested in “the race that stops a nation” (it does, too!).