Online Job Opening - Advice for Application

I noticed an open editorial position at a website I frequent. However, not much information is disclosed in regards to what information to supply. All they offer is an email address without any further aid. So my question is how should I format the email so it’s effective and looks professional? Many thanks.

The advice I got from an (outrageously expensive) session with a career consultant was to treat the e-mail itself as the cover letter - i.e., a salutation, a reference to the job posting, 4-6 bullet points to point out how nicely my qualifications fit with the job description and an offer to deliver more information if needed. Proofread!

I attach my resume in Word and plain-text.

Of course, it hasn’t actually worked yet… :frowning:

Many thanks. Is there anyone else who can second this opinion or perhaps offer their own insight?