Online mechanic reviews

Is there anywhere online that I can find user reviews for auto mechanics? I just moved to a new neighborhood and need a recommendation , but I don’t know anyone who lives in the area.

Where is “Over here?”

If Yelp is in your area, that would be a place to start looking. Do keep in mind that unhappy people are more likely to tell the world about their experience than happy people.

In my experience word of mouth is the way to find the best mechanic.

Here’s a guide to finding and evaluating a good repair shop - post #4.

Here’s some more specific help in finding a good shop in your area: Go to . Find and click on “member directory,” then select your state, then browse through the listings for the cities and towns that are convenient to you. Look for a sponsoring shop or an individual (listed before the “regular” members). You can click on the name of sponsoring shops and in some cases you’ll get a webpage with further information, or for individuals and shops that didn’t fill out their webpage you’ll need to consult your local phonebook.

The International Auto Technicians Network is an internet association of auto repair professionals. Membership is free to those with the proper credentials, but sponsoring memberships are available for a modest fee. As sponsors, they have access to a database that can be very helpful in solving certain problems efficiently. My experience is that sponsors of this network tend to be shops and mechanics who are competent, trustworthy, and concerned about treating people right. Though I haven’t personally met most of them, I would feel comfortable referring my sister to an iATN sponsor.

And then there’s Click and Clack’s Mechanics/Mechan-X Files, with voluntarily submitted reviews from customers.