Online recipes, also good Bavarian cookbook

What is the best online site for recipes? I typically stick to cookbooks, and after reading through some recipes online they look iffy, especially the sites where anyone can add a recipe. Any hub for generally good quality recipes y’all use?

Also, I need recommendations for a good traditional Bavarian/Austrian/German cookbook.


I tend to use Epicurious a lot - the recipes all come from Conde Nast publications (mostly Bon Appetit and the late Gourmet). Aside from the fact that the recipes themselves are usually quite good, there are also lots of user-provided reviews so that you can spot the bad recipes.

The recipes on MyRecipes are also quite good, though I find the site isn’t quite as user-friendly as Epicurious. It’s the official online archive for several food magazines, including Cooking Light, Real Simple and Sunset… and I’ve yet to find a CL recipe that I didn’t like. :slight_smile: The reviews here are helpful too, though their user community isn’t quite as active.

I can’t make any recommendations for a cookbook, unfortunately… I’m not that familiar with Bavarian/Austrian/German cuisine at all.

Dr. Oetker is the Betty Crocker of Germany.

Foodies (and I’m one, so I should know) will spit, but if I want to make a casserole or some sort of baked good or something in the crock pot, I go to The important thing is to find stuff with at least, say, a hundred reviews, and then read them to see the changes they suggest. Some of my most crowd-pleasing recipes come from there. Is it kind of… Midwestern in sensibility, in the “spiced = salt and pepper” sense? Sure. But they know how to make a damned casserole, and you can definitely get a sense of what’s what from the reviews.

I love allrecipes.

Another site I like is

Every recipe I’ve made from there has been wonderful.

Another vote for

A site that I just found recently and really like is Tasty Kitchen at

Here’s the MMP cookbook:

Recipe Source was one of the very first places I ever came across, initially surfing the net! The only problem is, there are no ratings or reviews. There are recipes for just about every country in the world - there are millions of recipes! is my very favorite, I can read the reviews before trying a recipe out and see what needs tweaking. And I like to read the comments by moms cooking with, or for, their kids - sweet :). also has reviews and comments by snooty foodies, but there’s a lot more to read than just recipes. has some very nice recipes with extensive instructions and good feedback.

There is no good Bavarian food.

I have made so many recipes from this website - its a great place to spend an hour or two. I’m pretty sure I first heard about it from here.

I like – lots of user reviews with recommendations on how to tweak recipes and make them better, depending on your taste.