Ooh! I got my first hit on wheresgeorge.com!

60 days ago I spent a $20 bill on … well, something. I can’t remember.

Before I did, though, I wrote “www.wheresgeorge.com” on the bill and went to the website and registered it (serial number, series, etc.).

Today I get an email from someone 5 hours away that ended up with it and went to the website.
How cool is that?

It took me about 2 months to get a hit too. Congrats! Its a lot of fun. Can’t convince my wife of that. I look forward to getting one of your georges. :smiley:

Hey, that’s kinda neat. The biggest bill I have on me at the moment is a $1, but hey, it really is a George. I’ll give it a try and see what happens!

Somebody in Illinios has been getting a lot of action from here in Brooklyn. We got a wheresgeorge dollar and looked it up. It started out from that land somewhere beyond the coast but has been trapped in Kings County for some time.

That would be me and not Zoltarb. Although he’d tell you the same story. Except in his own words. And probably with his own username.

How funny! I just finished entering a stamped bill I got in change (at Eppley Airport in Omaha NE) into the site, then I saw this thread. The bill I entered had last been had in Fremont NE. :wink:

That’s it
Everyone watches in amazement as Dryfreeze breaks out his wallet!
I have to get in on this.

For those of you who’ve done this already: where do you write the website on the bill?

I write it on the front on the bottom because I figure the average person probably looks at the front of the bill most of the time. I find that, writing space wise, writing it on the side on the back tends to be easiest.

::swats moths that emerge from Dryfreeze’s wallet out of the way::

I wish there was something like this in the UK, ah well, I will just have to settle for trying to enter every note I spend in the US this summer on the site, and see where they go :smiley:

Damn, that would have been so much more effective one post up :smack:

Did quite a few a long time ago, but haven’t had a hit in probably a year now…

**Hybrid **-

Try this: http://www.doshtracker.co.uk/

Is there a Canadian website for something like this?



:smack: Since I live in Canada, I didn’t bother actually going to the Where’s George website. :rolleyes: Now I feel like a doofus. Thanks for the link though. Time to deface some money! :smiley:


Thanks :smiley:

I got a stamp. With water proof ink. Yes I’m a geek.

On Where’s George I use the same name if you get any of my bills.

I was going to mentionWheres Willy then I noticed Q.E.D.'s whoosh. I linked in anyway in case you didn’t click on it before.

I write “http://www.wheresgeorge.com” on one short margin on the front of the bill, and on the other short margin I write “Please enter my series & serial #!” using an ultrafine point Sharpie.

However, my second Georgeaversary is coming up (i.e., for you normals, I joined Where’s George in July of 2002) and from that day forward I’m planning to save a few bajillion letters on the next 2000 bills I enter by just writing “wheresgeorge.com” (which anyone who hasn’t been living in a cave on Mars for the past five years should be able to interpret) in one margin and . . . uh . . . something else in the other one. I can’t decide what, yet. “Track this bill online!” seems to be the hip new thing to write. “See where I’ve been! Track where I go!” is too long.

Eh, I’ll come up with something. Or maybe I’ll just bail on the handwriting and get a stamp.