Where's George?

Annyone remember Where’s George?

Last week I got a dollar with the stamps on it, and today I decided to enter it into the site. The s/n was entered in July in Pocatello, Idaho, and it has travelled 644 miles to Birch Bay, WA.

We use the site semi-regularly and have a lot of fun. I’ve had bills turn up all over the US. My best so far was one that someone got here, and took to a geocaching site in the UK. Someone found it there, and then took it to another geocaching site in the UK, which also got a hit :slight_smile:

We actually spent a few bucks on a stamp / pad to make things go faster when we get around to entering them.

There are at least a couple of active Georgers here. I’m one of them!
I hope you registered when you entered that bill, so you can see where it goes next.

I love Where’s George! I’m not as active as I would like to be, but it is a lot of fun! I have one bill that took 1 year, 103 days to go to Danville, VA from Louisville, KY.

IMO, that sort of violates the principle of the whole idea. The whole purpose is to show how far money travels in the normal course of everyday transactions. It’s pretty pointless when someone uses it specifically for something like geocaching.

I did. :wink:

I’ll spend the dollar in Seattle. With the tourists and traveling businesspeople, I think it will have a better chance of going somewhere than in this little burgh. So it will be on its way Tuesday or Thursday or Friday, depending on when I need to spend a buck.

I once got a Where’s George dollar. It had traveled, oh, I think three miles over the course of several weeks. Don’t remember what I signed up as, pity.

Yeah, I’m a fan.

This is my user profile. I don’t keep it up-to-date, so the info in the green box isn’t accurate, but the stats at the bottom are current. I have had hits on my bills in all states except VT and WV, and about a dozen foreign countries, including Japan, Turkey, and Iraq (military personnel, most likely.)


I really like “Where’s George?” too!

No hits yet, but I like to see where the bills I submitted have been.

I believe there is a special designation for Geocached bills, separating them from naturally circulating bills.


here’s my profile: http://www.wheresgeorge.com/ybs.php?ybs=9385

That link takes me to my “Your Bills” page.


Here’s my favorite bill (that I entered)

139 miles per day on one hop.

I’m a WG member but haven’t had any hits for the 20-some bills I’ve entered. I’ll keep trying.

It’ll eventually happen. Are your bills marked in some very visible way? I used to handwrite the URL in red ink back before we bought the stamp. In general it looks like I’ve gotten about a 10% hit rate overall, some of them have been quite a long time (a year or two) after initially entering them.

My fastest turnaround ever was 5 hours. I marked the bill and used it as part of the pot to give out change at a Girl Scout Cookie booth at a high school one Saturday morning. 5 hours after I entered it, it got a hit from someone who got it across the street from the high school. Obviously someone got it as change, immediately respent it, and it got handed out as change shortly after that.

That is correct. Here’s a link to some info:

Mine went from Hershey PA, to the geocache in Exeter UK almost exactly a year later, then to a geocache near Ripley Castle, Harrogate UK about a month after that. No clue where it is now. The top of the bill tracking report says prominently that it is a geocaching bill.

I work as a bank teller and I see it all the time. I’d say probably 1/5 to 1/4 of the bills we get have “where’s George” on them. Usually it’s just a little stamp or a little writing… but sometimes it’s all over the freaking bill. So much that our counters won’t read it. Those suck.

Wow - you must have a lot of people who deliberately mark and deposit, which is a big no-no.

I do mark a few of the bills I’m going to deposit when I’m handling Girl Scout Cookie money, but only a few - mostly I try to use them for making change at future sales.

That’s simply not possible. There are about 165 million bills in the Where’s George system. That’s certainly less than 1/100 of one percent of all bills out there. I handle hundreds, often thousands of bills per day as a cashier and when I count our store’s daily deposit. I often go a week without seeing one marked George.


Sorry about that. That’s what I copied out of the address bar.

Oh, well…