Ooooooh... Kyle's mom's a bitch

Kindergarten Trip to Visit Santa Canceled After Mom Complains, Parents Stage Walkout

Totally reminded me of the South Park episode ‘Mr. Hankey, The Christmas Poo’.

I don’t want religious activities in school, but Santa Claus is pretty secular.

Good thing it’s a kindergarten and not older, otherwise the class Cartman would make life hell for her kid.

Guess I’m a bitch too.

Santa has no place in school activities.

OOoo, let’s all write letters to the coffee shop owner!

A better compromise would’ve been to have Santa appear in a helicopter hovering over the playground, and drop live turkeys to the kiddies.

Not to this Jew, he isn’t. You may not even notice it if you were raised in a Christian or religion free household, but to me there’s no way to separate Santa from Christianity.

When I was in elementary school we had Santa and Christmas trees and snowmen and sang Christmas carols. And we sang Hanukkah songs, too. But even the angels in the carols were just props for the Season of New Toys. In my home, the only place we got the religious aspects of Christmas was on the Charlie Brown Christmas special. Santa is Santa and presents and snowmen. Mangers are the boring religious stuff.

Yes, he’s partly pagan, but is also a mutation from Saint Nicholas. I think it’s sad when people nowadays tell the story of Saint Nicholas without mentioning the whores.

Which is Christmas. We don’t celebrate Christmas.

So? There are lots of Christians who don’t celebrate Halloween because they consider it to be a pagan (religious, non-secular) holiday, but that doesn’t mean it is, and it doesn’t mean Halloween doesn’t belong in school.

And it’s also Saturnalia and Yule (Juul). The Christian stuff was tacked on later.

Santa whores?

Truth be told, the whores are the best part of any good story.

It’s pretty hard for me to separate Santa from Christmas, which is the defining Christian holiday in the US. Santa (as we know him) is a Christian symbol. I’m fine with an ecumenical approach to religion in schools, even though I’d rather it not be there at all. But I’m not seeing writing letters to Santa as a class activity as anything but Christian.

Santa isn’t related to Saturnalia or Yule. I’m not really arguing for or against the school in the OP but I think the claim that the acts weren’t Christian doesn’t fly. The bigger question is whether that matters, and my opinion on that is all over the map.

No, you’re wrong.

Of course because Santa is the representation of Jesus when Jesus gave all the good children presents and candy canes and the bad children coal on his birthday.
And yes Kyles’ mom is a bitch.

What happens in Palmyra, stays in Palmyra.

Well, Santa does have his dark side.

The only people I’ve known who are strongly anti-Christmas are Christians. They considered it a pagan holiday and overshadowed Easter which is supposed to be The Big One. Sort of like the puritan attitude in New England a few hundred years ago.

So, remember, anti-Christmas does not mean non-Christian.

(I’ve known many non-Christians whose attitude on Christmas is “meh”.)

The current version of Santa is–strictly speaking–ANTI-Christian.

Is this why there are so many people who believe there is a war on Christmas? That the symbols of Christmas are so ubiquitous that Christians are able to convince themselves they’re part of secular American culture and that the whole country hasn’t actually turned into a stage to celebrate their holiday for the entire month of December?

Well, isn’t that special?