(Open spoilers) Games of Thrones season 4 trailer snippets

So the GoT season 4 trailer will be released this Sunday, and there are some snippets up now… several short VINEs and a YouTube clip here.


Vine #1 is Tyrion on trial.
Vine #2 is The Mountain fighting The Viper. Oh holy shit I can’t wait.
Vine #3 appears to be Stannis’s army showing up North of the wall
Vine #4 is Dany standing around looking gorgeous
Vine #5 is Jon Snow fighting wildlings presumably at Castle Black
To quote Dieter from SNL, I am so giddy with anticipation that my genitals have sucked up into my body cavity.

I haven’t looked at the videos yet, but considering they feature Tyrion’s trial and his trial by battle, can we assume that Joffrey’s wedding takes place early in the season?

If I had to guess, Joffrey’s wedding will be around mid-season (similar placement to Dany’s “dracarys” moment in season 3), then the trial-by-combat could be in the big penultimate episode.

Here we go

I am so happy


Several entertainment sources have quoted an interview with Jack Gleeson (the actor who plays Joffrey) announcing that he is leaving this season. No details as to why other than he wants to resume his education, but I’m surprised the producers of the show didn’t slap him around like Tyrion did when he said that.

The Youtube clip also shows:

  1. Stannis burning peeps alive.
  2. A mounted lancer charging Dany’s champion. Presumably this is the champion of Mereen vs New Daario.
  3. Joff and Margaery’s wedding.
  4. A shaggy fellow throwing himself against a gate. Presumably a giant attacking The Wall.

Ow, so happy. Can’t wait for it to start.

Book related spoiler:

The attack on the wall is towards the end of the final book. Does this mean the new book will be launched before they start season 5? Or will they do 2 seasons with what is shown in the trailers ? (Presumably book 4 and 5 since they more or less happen at the same time IIRC)

Never mind.

I already found this thread that explains it and is refreshing my memory.


Good to read trough.

I’m 100% sure that there was no need to slap him for saying he’s leaving. And I’m leaving it at that even though this thread says OPEN SPOILERS in the title.

I read the books so I know why he’s leaving, but to those who haven’t it would’ve very least mean that they are replacing him with another actor (jarring enough considering how perfect/popular he is in that role) and more likely that something happens to Joffrey.

If there was any justice in Westeros, Joffrey should end up tied to a cross in a dungeon, with Lady Stoneheart (whom I expect to debut this season) directing the proceedings.

Would be a great final scene for the season. I really hope that Martin returns to her in the next book.

I haven’t read the books to the end, but presumably the show will split the POV differently than the books. So they might show something that happens at the end of book 5, but the following season could have something from earlier on in book 4. It being a TV show pretty much requires them to change the narrative. Because if they stuck with one set of characters, most people would forget them the next season. As it is, I’m curious how they’ll introduce the third Mountain as the same as the earlier guy besides “previously on” segments. I knew the basic plot and didn’t even get that the second one was supposed to be the same character (he seemed smaller and scowled less).

The show has already mixed up the order in which things were presented in the books. Last season had bits from book 4 and left out bits from book 3. Everything is still in the same chronological order, though.

Since I didn’t see it posted, here’s the link to the full trailer that debuted Sunday night:

I love the shot of the dragon’s shadows over King’s Landing…masterful trolling of the non book-readers to give them hope the dragons will show up this season. :smiley:

Examing the other scenes in the trailer:
0:00 - The shadows over King’s Landing is either a fake scene just for the trailer, or perhaps a dream/vision by someone. The voice-over sounds like Kevan Lannister, who we didn’t really see in Season 3.
0:05 - Probably some pre-wedding festivities for the Purple Wedding.
0:09 - A “new” scene not in the books with Jaime talking to Joffery.
0:10 - A battlefield post-battle. Can’t tell where it is or who is on that horse. There aren’t a lot of actual battles this season, so maybe it’s after the Battle at the Wall?
0:13 - Dany et al. standing outside Meereen.
0:14 - The Meereenese champion riding to fight Daario (since Strong Belwas was cut, it looks like Daario is replacing him in that fight…which sucks, Strong Belwas was awesome. :frowning: )
0:17 - Back to that same scene with Joffery and Jaime.
0:18 - A woman walking down some steps. Impossible to really tell who/where.
0:19 - Looks to be former slaves running around Meereen, either during or after Dany takes the city.
0:21 - Melisandre and Stannis burning some “traitors.”
0:24 - Tyrion…that’s about it. might be during his trial, might not be.
0:25 - A couple people meeting on a field. I can’t make out the banners.
0:26 - Stannis and Davos sailing to the Wall
0:28 - Jorah giving Dany advice, probably in the Meereenese pyramid she takes up residence in.
0:29 - Looks to be slaves killing a former Master of Meereen.
0:31 - Dany in her throne room in Meereen, most likely this is the “goat bones” scene. They are REALLY pushing up Dany’s timeline. This scene is in Dance with Dragons (granted, Feast and Dance happen sort of con-currently, but that would still normally make it a season 5 scene, then.)
0:34 - Dany talking to Jorah, probably the same scene as 0:28.
0:35 - Quick shot of Cersei…that’s all.
0:36 - Quick shot of Tywin.
0:37 - Jaime examining his new Valyrian steel sword made from Ned’s old sword.
0:40 - Tyrion in chains being led to his trial.
0:43 - Tyrion in a black cell before his trial.
0:45 - Varys talking with Oberyn Martell in the throne room.
0:46 - A battle…looks to be with Wildings. Either a small skirmish or maybe the first battle at the wall.
0:48 A shot of Ygritte, possibly the same scene as in 0:46.
0:49 Night’s Watchmen in a tunnel beneath the wall. Probably preparing for the large battle.
0:50 - Jon giving a speech before the battle.
0:51 - A giant trying to break through the gate in the tunnel under the wall.
0:53 - Yara(Asha) on a boat…interesting to see where he story goes, since the “rescue Theon” storyline is entirely new…normally, she’s be chillin’ at Moat Caitlin’ for most of this season, and then back to Pyke for the Kingsmoot at the start of the next season.
0:55 - Jaime getting his new golden hand.
0:56 - Random shot of Cersei.
0:57 - Rast performing Craster’s old duty of sacrificing a baby…I’ve read that (minor spoilers for some new scenes for TV) There is some added content with the mutineers of last season.
0:58 - Arya practicing (looks to be with Needle) on a mountain top.
1:00 - Luittlefinger talking to someone.
1:01 - Bran touching a Weirdood tree…possibly doing his Greenseer thing into it (a little early, but his storyline is slow as death right now, so I’m ok with speeding it up a bit.)
1:04 - A Bolton bannerman (notice the ‘X’ and flayed man on the banner) riding into…somewhere.
1:05 - Oberyn talking to Tyrion.
1:07 - Oberyn being Oberyn.
1:08 - Tyrtion looking contemplative.
1:09 - Battle between Oberyn and The Mountain.
1:11 - Joffery and Margaery about to get married (or just after getting married.)
1:14 - Cersei gettin’ all pissed at her father.
1:16 - Jaime reading The White Book.
1:17 - Jaime doing…something? Looks like he has Cersei in his arms.
1:19 - Battle at the Wall (And Thorne is back! Woo! Love that crotchety old bastard.)
1:22 - More pre-Purple Wedding entertainment.
1:23 - Dany talking to Missandei
1:24 - Theon being Theon…he looks normal and in his armor, so possibly a dream sequence/flashback?
1:25 - Some dude begging for mercy.
1:26 - The Mountain swinging a big sword.
1:27 - Melisandre talking to someone about Hell.
1:28a - Theon getting flae slapped while one of Ramsay’s women from last season is on top of him.
1:28b - A woman walking through a gate into a snow-filled courtyard. Likely Sansa/Alaya Stone in The Eyrie.
1:28c - Sansa turning around with a hood on…looks to be similar to the hood from the woman in 1:28b, hence why I think it’s her.
1:29 - Arya with a sword, probably the scene at the Inn where her and The Hound kill Polliver et all (no more Tickler dying, so it won’t be as powerful a scene, but at least she’ll still avenge Lommy and get back Needle.)
1:30a - Jon at Castle Black
1:30b - Dany getting cheers from former slaves in Meereen.
1:31 - Jon at the Battle at the Wall.
1:36 - Tyrion in a black cell.
1:38 - Stannis’s men riding towards the Wildings.

I’m putting this in a spoiler box because veen though this is the spoiler thread, I figure there’s people who don’t want to know the exact episode certain things happen in:

There was a leaked call sheet that indicated the Purple Wedding will be episode 2, and some Q&A with a producer/director indicating the larger/second of the two battles at the wall (i.e, the one with the giant crashing through the gate, and ending with Stannis saving the day,) will be episode 9 and be similar to “Blackwater” in that all of, or at least most of, the episode will be the battle.

If the entirety of episode 9 is the battle at the wall, do you think that puts Tyrion’s trial in 8 and escape in 10? That sounds like a lot of episodes to wait for a trial and not very many to set up Oberyn before the wedding.

Might be the first season where the finale trumps episode 9.

Out of curiosity, what stuff from book 4 was in last season? I can’t think of anything.

I can’t wait for this season, so much good stuff is going to happen!

I’m guessing his trial might be episode 6 or 7, and then when the episode is nearly done, and like the book he sees he’s losing, he’ll ask for a trial-by-combat. Then part of episode 7 is him talking to Bronn to get him to fight again, and he’ll decline, and then Oberyn will say he’ll fight, and then we get the (hopefully) awesome Red Viper vs The Mountain fight scene in episode 8.

Then, as you said, his escape will be in episode 10.

I think we get the duel, escape and murder on episode 10.