Open Your Mind and Enter

We have a new website that WILL promote TOLERANCE amongst all religions and races and genders and orientations. This isn’t just a flash in the pan stab in the dark; this is the beginning of a new voice in America that is going to spread throughout the entirety of the world. We are underground and will soon be mainstream. We WANT you to ome with us.
But check out our posts and judge for yourself and when you’re convinced, be prepared to throw your judgements out the window. Yes. We are THAT real. You can’t lose by giving us a shot.
If you like what you see, spread the word that this is a place to feel at home and talk freely with other people who may not be of the same orientation.
We all NEED open face communication. This is going to be the PLACE for that in the future. After you’ve checked out what we’re all about, please recommend us to your friends!

Thanks for visiting !!


I disagree.

Hoo-yah. You’ve come to the right place for this spam.

Unfortunately, I’ll bet dollars to doughnuts we’ll never see THIS nutcase again. A shame, as we could really have some fun with him . . .

I disagree.


*twist adds Esstriol to his “nutjob” list

Well, we get witnessed to enough by fundamentalist Christians; why can’t we get witnessed to more often by fundamentalist Pagans? Or people who belive that the X-files is more Sci than Fi?
As for “keeping one’s mind open”- as Harry Anderson said, the point is to keep an open mind, but not so open that your brains fall out.

I disagree.

<gasp> must… stop… laughing… Must click… off of… site… bbbbbblblblbaaaaaahahahahahahahaha!

[off topic]
Lib, you’re being a disagreeable cuss, aren’t you?
[on topic]

Well, the absolute ridiculosity of this thing aside, I got a charge out of this:

So, if I’m understanding correctly, you want to create a message board for face-to-face communication? Um, okay, Sparky, whatever you say.

Flick Lives!

Have you guys vistied the page yet? I did out of a sort of morbid curiosity. If you do go then click on THE WARNING (you’ll know what I mean when you see the site) Here’s a quote from it:

" Let us come together and share our strengths with a world that needs a fresh example of nobility, sacrifice, and sharing. Let the First Councils begin."

Both funny and slightly creepy at the same time I think.

No, you don’t.

Then I disagree with my previous statement. Clearly, I misquoted myself.

This appears to me to be related to Magic: The Gathering. From my understanding (which is miniscule) this is a RPG. I suppose it is easy for some simple minded people to be drawn into these rpg’s and actually start to believe it is reality. I’ve never played any of those games as they don’t interest me in the least. Plus everyone I’ve met into that stuff reminds me of Trekkies (a humanoid lifeform slightly below the slug on the evolutionary scale). :-p

No offense meant to “The Slug”


Did you notice that if you only take the FULL CAPS words from the initial message, you get:

Which is an extremely good question; obviously, this is a very needy place (it needs your input! It needs your validation!). However, tolerance, morally, does not mean absolute acceptance of whatever everyone else says or does, which seems to be part of what this place advocates.

Ergo, no, tolerance will not want that need place.
(I’m really bored at work. Can you tell?)

Whether tolerance will want that need place depends on your doesn’t, axioms it?

But Lib, one cannot tolerate that axioms necessitates absolutism; that is, the moderation in virtue is toleration, and the extremism is in vice, no matter how Goldwateresque that sounds. Being axiom of all things as a tolerant means ignoring the society of good, and therefore cannot be a virtue.

Dang, I wanted to get that in right after Lib’s post.

{{{ Won’t someone please think of the children?!! }}}