Opera Browser Problems

Okay, I’ve been using Opera for about a year now, with no real problems until lately. Suddenly after a few minutes of use, Opera “explodes” and the screen turns gray, with various tiny bits (like parts of the progress bar) strobing rapidly at the top of the screen. Using the patented Microsoft Three-Fingered Salute[sup]TM[/sup] will only rarely correct the problem. Usually the only way I can fix it is by rebooting the PC. I’ve re-installed Opera twice and that hasn’t corrected the problem, and this problem’s just manifested itself in the past two days. (I’m using Opera 6.01 and running Win2K on a PC with a 750 MHZ AMD Duron Processor and 320 Megs of RAM, with a Voodoo3 vid card.) Don’t have the problem with IE 5.5 (or at least not yet.) Anybody have any ideas as to what might be causing the problem and how do I correct it? Thanks.

When you reinstalled Opera did you first un-install it or did you reinstall over the old installation? You could have a corrupted file that isn’t getting overwritten with a new one when you reinstall.

Other than that, think about any changes you’ve made to your system that could have caused the problem.

Those are the first two things off the top of my head, so the proverbial grain of salt is in order here…