Opera Browser Questions

I really like Opera because it’s stable and renders pages very quickly but I have a few issues with it. For one I can’t get into Hotmail, I get a message saying to upgrade to the latest IE even when I have Opera identifying itself as IE. Secondly some pages like the main Straight Dope page doesn’t render as well (the picture ends up having the caption on the right instead of underneath) and one other site that I visit has the same kind of trouble. Lastly when I go to Redclouds to open a set of photos in a new window the new window says I have to sign in again. This doesn’t happen when I use IE or Netscape.
Does anyone know about Opera and what settings I have to check in preferences so these annoyances go away and I can just use IE and Netscape for seeing how my HTML looks on those browsers?

Forget about hotmail with it. Check your cookie settings for Opera. You can configure yourself into a corner if you’re not careful. There’s a fine line between too much junk and not enough.

Yup. Forget about hotmail, and get a Yahoo account. I’ve tried just about every tweak imaginable, and I still haven’t been able to get hotmail to work. For awhile, MSN was blocking all of their sites from Opera users.

Like Dilbert said, check your cookie settings. Opera ships with cookies set to the most secure level, so you may be getting bounced. It’s under File > Preferences > Privacy.