Opera/SDMB question

I just switched to Opera as my web browser, and I think it’s great. One thing I don’t like: When I hover over a thread in the SDMB, it just shows the address of the thread. With my old browser I could see the first few lines of the thread. Is there any way to change this?

Don’t hover directly over the link. Put the pointer within the cell that the link is in, but just about the actual text, like this.

“…above the actual text.” At least there’s a visual aid, since my words aren’t working very well today. :smack:

Thanks, I get it now.

While I’m asking Opera questions, is there any real advantage gained by selecting “Identify as Opera” in the preferences, or is this just going to let bad people know which security flaws to exploit? (Or maybe I don’t have to worry about security flaws now that I’m using a non-crappy browser?)


Hey, Larry, i like that self-portrait on your website.

Is that the Sylvia Hotel? I’ve had many an enjoyable evening watching the sun go down over English Bay from the downstairs bar.


Yup, that’s the Sylvia. One of my favourite spots.

(I’m a bit embarrased to find that people actually look at that webpage – I haven’t done anything with it after deciding that I wanted to write a PHP-based blog instead of adding entries with notepad. Too lazy to get very far with that so far, so I’m basically just using it as an image host for now.)