Pop-up bubble (thread preview) works in Opera

If you’re using the Opera browser, you might want to know this.

The pop-up bubble that lets you read the OP without clicking on the thread works in Opera. However, unlike IE, it does not pop-up if you hover on the thread title (if you do this, it just pops up the link address). Instead, you have to hover the mouse very slightly above the thread title. This then displays the OP in a bubble.

I thought Opera didn’t support this, and all these days I wasn’t using this feature. Then, today, by accident I discovered it. I’m an idiot. But I just thought you might find this info useful if you’re using Opera.

I’m on Opera ver. 7.52 on Windows XP Pro, if that helps.

It’s been working for me also, in Opera 6 under Win2K Pro. I find that I have to hover over the title and then nudge the mouse up slightly.