Opera v8.0 Thread Bubble Popup

Hows that for a thread title. I’m never quite sure what the correct term is for the thread bubble popup thingy.

Anyway, is this feature working for anyone else using the newest version of Opera? I cannot seem to make the thread previews appear and I really miss them. TIA

Since the vB software was written around IE, there’s not much we can do with outside browsers. You may have to talk to Opera and see if there a workaround/fixes; there’s nothing we can do from this end.

your humble TubaDiva

I installed it this morning and it seems to be working fine. Just place your mouse a liiiiitle bit atop the thread title and you should see a pop-up in a second or two.

If you have the Status bar showing (click on “View | Toolbars | Status bar” on the toolbar at top), you should also see the preview text there before the pop-up bubble appears. This should help you in finding out just where to place your mouse.

Thanks for your help SkipMagic. I turned on the Status Bar and now can see the bubble text up there but still do not see a bubble. I wonder if the popups are being blocked somehow.

It’s possible that they’re being blocked, but if it’s Opera blocking them, I’m not sure of the settings needed to produce (or prohibit) such a result.

I tried “Block all pop-ips” instead of my usual “Block unwanted pop-ups”, and I was still able to get the bubble to appear. So, if there is another combination of settings that would keep you from the bubble, I’m not yet aware of what it might be. Hopefully another Opera-lovin’ Doper will be able to suggest something.

You might check to see if you have javascript enabled. If you’re on a PC, click F12 and choose “Enable JavaScript” from the pop-up menu. Reload the page and try again.

Thanks, Skip, my dear. I haven’t used Opera, but perhaps I should, so I can see what all the fuss is about. :slight_smile:

your humble TubaDiva

I just downloaded Opera 8.0 and tried it. (I’d been wanting to give it a whirl and this was a good excuse.)

It does take a little patience. I thought the feature wasn’t working at first, I just got the address showing when I hovered, but if you put the pointer just a little above and wait a second or so you should get the bubble, as I eventually did. It’s a very precise beastie, more so than in Firefox or IE.

It’s good stuff, much more secure (and faster!) than IE; however, you have to keep IE around to view those pages meant only for IE. I like Firefox, too, but Opera is, in my opinion, a better browser.

Can we go to vB HQ and slap some folk around? I promise, I’ll turn my SD shirt inside out; they’ll never know.

I’m using Opera 8.0, and I have to place my cursor slightly to the right of the thread title to get the preview. I thought I had lost it too, but found it again by accident. It takes a little dexterity and skill now though.

I guess I need to keep working on my bubble skill and dexterity because I still cannot get it to work. Oh well, at least it shows up in the status bar. I’ve become so accustomed to the thread preview feature. Thanks again everyone!