Opera web browser

How do we former Netscape users send a URL if we can’t paste it into an email message?

Um, why can’t you paste a URL into an email message?

I just switched from Netscape to Opera about 24 hours ago … so far, it’s locked up/crashed twice, and screwed up the the HTML display twice, but I’m still playing with it.

Is the straight dope main page messed up for you with Opera? It is for me.


The messed up SD main page is the only problem I’ve had. No crashes yet. Where’d you go to crash? I’ll try it. Are you using the Java version? Netscape doesn’t like Java sometimes, one of the reasons I’m trying to quit.

First crash by accidently selecting “open all folder items”, which tried to open a separate window for the hundreds of bookmarks imported from Netscape. I had to Ctrl-Alt-Del to kill it, after it started giving me an infinite supply of “out memory error” messages to click. You’d think they’d check for available memory before opening hundreds of windows …

I’m not sure where I was when it locked up- I normally have several windows open, reading one while waiting on others. This happened after installing Cookie Pal, a third-party cookie manager with Opera support. I’ve had Cookie Pal cause Netscape to lock up one in a while, so it’s possible it wasn’t Opera’s fault (although the latest version of Cookie Pal claims to have fixed this).

I’m using the Java version.


Holy cows. I clicked on this link hoping to find out what the hell an Oprah web browser was. DUUUUUUUH! Reading is fundamental!

This is too good to pass up.
Well, it is huge, takes up lots of memory; no other program may run at the same time unless you have LOTS of money, er, RAM.
Only one view of the web page is offered…
Somebody help me out, here.

I have had problems with the big 2, as well as alternatives such as Opera and Chameleon. That is why I am using Netcaptor. Although it is IE-based, it has more tools that neither MS nor Netscape/AOL thought about. more importantly, if it crashes, it does not crash your system.

It’ll tell you what books you should be reading.

Why use Opera? If you want a small browser you can usually find the old versions of IE & Netscape on the net for free.

Curiosity and the eternal pursuit of a crash free browser.

One reason I don’t use IE is because it’s too closely tied to the operating system. This makes it more prone to viruses, nasty bugs, etc.

Outlook (for mail) has the same problem, but I’m forced to use it for work :(.


I use Opera almost exclusively. It has been very stable, fast, reliable, and most importantly, it’s NOT MS. I like it. I would say it’s best feature is its ability to open multiple windows without using up more memory.

So what advice do you have for new Opera users?
(Is the main page of the SD screwy looking?)