Operational question about AC

I’m sure it’s an obvious solution-- but I can’t find it-- maddening!!

How do I get the formers to build mag tubes?

even after I have the prerequisite techs-- even after my formers set to “automatic” are producing mag tubes on their own-- I still can’t MAKE my formers do it!!

When I go to the terraform commands “Automatic Tubes” or “Construct Tubes” the are always un-highlighted so I can’t even click on them.


Um. I have nothing to add. I thought this was going to be a question about Air Conditioning.

the mag tubes of AC are the railroads of CIV. In civ you need to build roads 1st before you can build railroads. I forget waht the prereq is for AC. If you set it to auto they are building the prereq then the mag tubes

Yes … you must have already established roads before you can construct mag tubes …