Civ 3 Technical Question

(I was going to make fun of the level of detail in the Klingon homeword discussion, but now I am starting a thread that is just as esoteric.)

I am playing Civ 3 and doing very well. The year is 1820 and I have just discovered Mass Production (or whatever gives you rubber). Great, super.

There is no rubber on any of the continents I am on. Not in any civilization area. I cannot even conquer or trade for it.

BUT WAIT! I lied! :smack: There is rubber in my territory. I have road running over it in fact. When I info-click on the square it tells me it is rubber. So why the heck am I not getting credit for rubber so I can build tanks and stuff? How can I fix it?

Actually, rubber appears with Replaceable Parts (and workers work twice as fast). But to build tanks, you also need Mass Production and Motorized Transportation — and oil.

If you go to your Trade Advisor, and rubber shows up as one of your local resources, then there’s no glitch, you’re simply missing another resource or tech as Liberal points out. If it’s not showing up as a local resource, make sure you’re not exporting it to someone else (if you export your only source, you don’t have access to it yourself). I had a hell of a time trying to calm someone down one day because he couldn’t build Modern Tanks (because he didn’t have oil) - all he knew was he had the tech, he had the rubber, where were his MTs?

Of course my solution when I don’t have resource is just to go in guns blazing and conquer a city that has it in its radius. Completely opposite of any approach I’d take in real life, which I suppose is why I love Civ so much.