Opinions on Acer laptops? Need answer fast!

My wife needs a new laptop and I’m considering this one from Acer. (Link is to OfficeMax website.)

I have worked in IT for years and years, but have never really used Acer products. IIRC, I’ve heard mixed things about them over the years, but I have no real concrete recollections.

I have had mixed results over the years with HP, Dell and Toshiba products so I thought I’d see if anyone has good or bad experiences to share for Acer. The specs on this unit seem good for the price. How’s the customer support?

Whatever you get someone will come along and say they are shit.

I have never had a problem with one, but I have never had an Acer laptop.

I bought an Asus laptop and then my daughter told me they were shit :expressionless:

I bought an Acer laptop new in the beginning of 2007 and it’s still grafting thus far. Mine was an Aspire 5610 series, and my only grumble with it is its tendency to overheat, which is compensated for with a small fan blowing into the vents continuously, and its fairly crappy battery life, unless you have it on the least power-hungry settings.

ps. The one in your link looks way better value for money than mine.

Yes, I know I’ll get some replies that aren’t exactly the information I’m looking for, and that’s fine. I’m hoping for at least a couple of responses from folks that have actually owned one just to get an idea. This is not an expensive laptop and I’m not looking for the greatest thing ever, I just want an idea of reliability, customer service, etc.

I have one but I rarely use it, I bought it to take on road trips and for that it has been perfect. The only complaint I have is the sound quality while using it to watch movies on DVD.

Can you do a search on Woot for items they sold in the past? Woot sells a lot of them though they usually are refurbished

My kids both bought Acer laptops after they left home and we stopped paying for their computers :slight_smile: Son’s is 2 yrs old now and going strong, daughters is just a couple of weeks old, and she went with Acer partially because her brother is so happy with his.

I couldn’t tell you the models if my life depended on it however.

We have three (two Aspires and an Extensa), which some would label being gluttons for punishment.

No major problems (come to think of it, no problems at all) until recently when the Elder Ottlet’s three-year-old Extensa developed HDD issues; and since three years seems to be a decent lifespan for a laptop, I can’t say I’m terribly distressed. I slapped a new drive in it — which took all of five minutes — loaded Ubuntu, and it seems to be much happier than it was with Vista. YMM, of course, V.

As to the laptop in question, which resembles mine in layout, my only concern is that since the Home/End/PgUp/PgDn keys only exist on the keypad, said keypad is pretty much useless unless an application recognizes the numbers in conjunction with the Fn key. Other than that, no qualms.

This is also our only complaint. Fortunately, we never planned on using it for watching TV/movies very much, because it’s pretty quiet, especially when using Netflix for some reason.

Otherwise, it’s been great though. We’ve had ours for about 6 months, and use it a lot. My husband bought it for writing his dissertation so he was on it most days for at least a few hours, plus we both ended up using it far more than our desktop for pretty much anything else.

The last two we had were Dells, and we always had issues with the power cord wearing out after a few months, or they just stopped holding a charge.

I’ve had my Aspire for a couple of years, and I use it constantly. No problems so far (I did have to add memory).

My wife got an Acer laptop/netbook early this year. The screen is like 11.6 inches or something which I think is technically too big to be considered a netbook but still pretty small. No complaints so far, but we actually don’t use it that much.

Oh, one thing, it came with Vista and I sent off for a free upgrade to 7. The upgrade went fine until the very last step when it asked for one of the DVDs to be inserted again. When I insert the DVD it says that my model is not authorized for the upgrade. It has caused no problems so far, but every once in a while it will pop up that box saying the upgrade is not complete and asking for the stupid DVD. Every time that happens I stupidly think that maybe the problem has worked itself out and I dig out the DVD and put it in, only to be told again that I’m not eligible for the upgrade. Kinda frustrating but Windows 7 works fine so no big deal.

I bought this one 6 months age and have had no issues with it. A good machine for the money.

I would HIGHLY recommend creating the restore disks first thing you do when you get it out of the box. A friend had a similar Acer and for some reason it would not recognize his password to log onto the machine. His only option was to use the restore disks. As soon as he told me his story I made 2 copies of the restore CDs.

Oh, and oddly enough for having no real graphics card it can play some good games. Portal and HL2 are no problem even at the hightest settings. Other games though will not run or run very slowly. Not a gaming machine really but you may find one or 2 games that will play decently.

We’ve had the cheapest one they sell at best buy for about 4 months now, no problems so far.

Thanks everyone. Seems most people are pretty satisfied with them. Good to know.

A friend who works at BestBuy was over two weeks ago with an Acer laptop she got at work. She’s very happy with it. The speakers are crappy but she just plugs in a quality pair & that takes care of things.

Chiming in. I had an Acer netbook that I took on trips. Worked great, always found the wifi. Screen was a tad dark in the default setting but was easy to bump up a couple notches. Sold it on Ebay but only because I wanted a larger screen and keyboard. I say go for it.

I have one of these. We got it at WalMart and they were mislabled, so we got them cheap. I’m pretty happy with them. They’re a year old now and have had no major problems. The only issue is that it can run slow. I’m still trying to figure out how to trim some processes it doesn’t need. Ditto what everyone else said about the quiet speakers.

If you plan on using it away from a power source then the Acer 4810 series might be worth a look.

It will go over 8 hours on a single charge so long as you are not using the DVD.

Not the fastest thing out there, but it depends upon how mobile you need it to be. Its light and long lasting, the TZ version has the DVD built in, instead of you having to shell out for an external one, and that makes installing software much easier.

My wife and I bought Acer netbooks a couple years back, and have been quite happy with them.

Way way back in 1997, my college roommate had an Acer desktop - the thing was a piece of garbage. It got to where it would randomly shut itself down, so she basically couldn’t use it ever for fear of losing coursework. But like I said, that was way back in the dark ages.

I just bought one of the Acer netbooks (as in, last week), and so far I’m happy with it. Boots up fast, nice screen brightness (even though it’s small. But hey, it’s a netbook. It’s part of the package). I researched and heard good things about my netbook, so if I were you I’d Google for reviews and such - they’re a good way to see what others (and experts) are saying.