Oral Commandos to Baghdad

(Pasted from Eschaton, original story at: http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,161463,00.html)

So let me get this straight: they already know what they’re going to find. Based on reliable information, they are already certain that “the media” distorts the truth! Haven’t gotten on the damned airplane, already got their story written: “Disloyal Liberal Media Distorts Truth, Undermines Morale”.

(Can that concentration of douchebagitude warp space-time into a singularity?..so they’re just flying along and just disappear, vanish from our dimension to another inhabited by gay brain sucking zombies…)

And I could swear I remember a very similar story from the Viet Nam years, another such gaggle of punditti. Same story, going to find the real truth about the war, how swell things are going, school painting up 100% over last month. Is there a special kind of deja vu thats when you see it again and it sucked the first time? You’ve seen this movie, it bites, and you don’t have money for popcorn and the doors won’t open, you can’t get out the doors won’t open, and you pound on the doors…

I could Oliver Stone this, like they’ve gotten the secret communique from the Ministry of Truth: “War going into shitter, start blaming defeatist liberals.”

But Occams Rooster says its simpler than that, they really are that stupid. They honestly believe what they’re saying. The beleive they will fly to Iraq and see the truth, and they will know its the truth because they already know what the truth is. But if they go and see it at first hand, then they really extra-special know its true, and know they’re experts

This is a good time to mention that the donor base for the Mother’s March Against Cognitive Dissonance is anemic, due to unforseen circumstances. The affirmative program to hire actual CD victims as staff personnel, while well-intended, proved to be ill-advised. But this incident clearly underlines the gravity of the situation, re: CD, the demise of the Republic, etc,

The title made me think it was about something else :frowning:

It’s a real bitch about the ‘investigative journalism’ though.

Read the full story, you’ll be making noises like a wookie shitting a pineapple.

I did read it, I was just being lazy with my response. My outrage vat should have some free space within the next few days.

**Outrage point number 1- ** The bitch who is spearheading this fucking mission is a right-wing talking head from a local station and I’ve never even heard a peep about her.

**Outrage point number 2- ** These idiots are going to camp inside a secure military camp, in order to “report the truth”? How in fuck’s name does that work out? We have journalists in the field reporting that the war is a loss, people risking life and limb, and a couple propagandists are going to throw fucking “thank you” barbecues and camp inside military forts where there is no risk and no story to be had?

Absolutely astounding.


I guess they’ll find out that the liberal media is planting evidence danger, like dead bodies and wreckage…

“Evidence that there is no insurgency abounds. In fact, we didn’t even see an Iraqi face.”

Hardly the only summer re-run:

I Wrote Bush’s War Words – in 1965 – Daniel Ellsberg

The more things change, the more they remain the same.

I agree with your premise, Sam, but truth be told, there’s a dearth of jornous on the field precisely because of how dangerous conditions are on the ground. Other than a few inbeds, most of the correspondents for the MSM seem to be stuck inside the Green Zone with many of them relying on a network of informants to provide their news.

As Farnaz Fassihi, a Wall Street Journal correspondent in Baghdad, wrote in in an e-mail to her friends at the end of last year:

Oh well. Since McDonald’s, BK and KFC are already there, can’t say I am overly surprised that Kool-Aid wants to follow suit.

I’m sorry, I just can’t understand your level of vitriol over this. Basically, the question as to how we’re doing in Iraq is indeed a valid point for debate. Given most objective measures, such as how many soldier or Iraqi civilian deaths that we’ve suffered in a given month compared to 2004, the distribution of utilities like electricity or water, oil production, etc., it seems as if things are going poorly.

However, it isn’t any sort of inexorable law of physics that we will fail in whatever we’re trying to accomplish in Iraq. These people obviously have a different viewpoint on the progress of our invasion compared to you.

Compare these “reporters” to the “documentary film maker” Michael Moore. Both did work in Iraq by going in with a definite viewpoint and a story to sell. Both have or will gather evidence that supports this viewpoint. The true measure of their reporting will be if they assimilate large amounts of information and present the totality of what they found. If their convoys are attacked by an IED, hopefully they won’t neglect to mention that. If they want to go there and report that Iraqi infrastructure is improving, that Iraqi’s generally support the occupation, and Iraqis are united in their desire for a liberal democracy and against the insurgency, they have every right to do so provided that they come up with evidence for their claims and don’t violate any journalism ethics in doing so.

That whole thing about whosever’s ox is being gored and what not…

From the linked article in the OP:

With that attitude in mind, what do you think the odds are these people are actually going to “report” anything other than pro-war propaganda? But hey! No need to answer, keep telling yourself that American MSM is in the hands of ‘pinkos’ as opposed to BushCo’s back-pocket and that’s why things “appear” to be so dire in Iraq. In fact, using the same metric and in light of their recent comments, we can safely say that your COs on the ground are in on the conspiracy.

The Russians Are Coming, the Russians Are Coming!

Now, there’s a rerun I’d actually watch again.

BTW, I am sorry too – but for entirely different reasons.

You know, it’s been debated enough times on these boards and you’ve been here long enough to know that Michael Moore makes documentaries. Being unbiased is not making a documentary. In fact, even though I think he’s a crappy grandstanding maker of documentaries, I prefer to know thebias, as opposed to someone claiming a documentary that’s totally objective. There ain’t no such animal.

Okay, but how is any of this any different from the work of Michael Moore, whom people like Elucidator and many others on this board lauded quite loudly and excused his bias in reporting because, “people knew what they were getting.” Well, when you listen to a radio program called Righttalk, you certainly know what you’re getting and the media isn’t even bound to illusions of centrism like documentary film making. You have your arguements, they have theirs, now they’re headed to Iraq to find evidence and support for their position.

I give this Pitting a 1.2.

Me too, although the kind of oral commando I was picturing would probably improve troop morale more than this tour.

A couple of quibbles, 3. Minor points, really, but that’s the trouble with quibbles…

You would be hard pressed to find an example of me “lauding” Mr. Moore. The reason isn’t complex, I don’t much like Mr. Moore. I tried to read one of his books and was reminded of Dororthy Parker: “This is not a book to be set aside lightly, but hurled with great force.” Don’t think he’s wrong, mind you, I just don’t like him. Haven’t seen any of his movies. You’re peeing on the wrong tree.

There is no need to capitalize the “e” in my name. It has been suggested that this is characteristic of the sweet bashfulness and unassuming modesty that so informs my personality.

I was impressed with the movie “The Pentagon Papers” and did a lot of reading about that period. We can always hope that what happened to Ellsburg when he went to Vietnam might happen to some of these truth tellers when they see it first hand. Like the Senator? who recently recanted his support of the war.

I’ve talked to several people who have done civilian trips to Iraq and they consistantly say it’s not as bad as it is potrayed. Chris Matthews did a show from here in NAshville and a civilian stood up who had just returned and told about the progress being made.

There is no doubt in my mind that along with the horror their are some great things going on that the US is part of. Candles in the darkness so to speak. Nothing wrong with hearing about them unless the rhetoric is being used to misrepresent the big picture.

The real question facing us now is can we succeed at all and what will it cost us?
No gaurentees either way. I’ve always said you can’t bring democracy to a country until the majority of people there want it and are willing to fight for it themselves. That seems to be the case in Iraq. We’re being assured that eventually the Iraqi forces will defend their own country. I don’t see it happeneing because there’s not enough people who believe it is their own country. They won’t believe that until we are gone. Is it reasonable for Iraqi’s to think that their current leaders are figureheads for the US. I think so.
Add to that the economic issues. We might be able to get other countries involved but that would mean giving up billions in profit to them. Better to just give speeches while the money rolls in.

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We could call it the “Clinton” method :smiley:
Just send over some Har “monicas” :slight_smile:

They got oral sex in Tennessee? Who knew?

Ahhhh. There’s the outrage.

Journalistic integrity.

Ideally supported by a full survey of the facts rather than a propaganda piece. Wouldn’t you agree?

Pesky fact based community! Why can’t everybody just get behind the war and say it’s going well? :rolleyes:

See… they may have a ‘different viewpoint’, but if it’s not informed by the facts, then it’s worthless. They’ve already said that they’re going out to look for good news. If that isn’t a glaring admission of selection bias, I don’t know what is.

Again, people are entitled to their own opinions, they are not entitled to their own facts. This ‘journalistic’ mission is clearly one designed to ‘fix the facts’ around a conclusion they’ve already drawn. I seem to remember that kind of duplicitous bullshit getting us into the mess we’re in, in the first place.

Isn’t it revolting?
Or are you constructing a large portion of your argument based on a tu quoque fallacy?

Shit, piss, and vinegar! Do you think all those other journalists who go over have an agenda? I’d wager a small fraction do, but most of them just want to get the story. The only ox that’s being gored is Bush’s pipe dream. And it’s getting gored because it’s not the truth. Fuck this ‘fair and balanced’ propaganda.

This bugged me, thinking, shit, how many thousands of these can there be, I can rattle off about ten rabid-radio icons. Now, I’m not that up to date, cutting edgewise, but isn’t “webcast” radio regular radio’s retarded cousin?

Must be one of those “grassroots” kind of things. Yeah, that must be it.

Congratulations on another backslapping circle jerk. Without you guys, we’d never be made aware of anything. Please wash your hands and wipe your chins before returning to something useful.