Orange juice: pulp or no pulp?

Every time I look at the bottled orange juice section in a grocery store, I am amazed at how many of the varieties have some measure of pulp in them. I just don’t understand why anybody would want to drink pulp.

When I drink a liquid, I want it to be smooth going down my throat. If I want pulp, I’ll eat an actual orange, thank you very much.

Can’t stand grocery store OJ–never could… a few years I found out it’s not even close to fresh, but concentrate in big vats that the factories inject a bit of fresh juice (to be generous–I think it’s a calculated packet of acid and sugar) I’d rather drink water or tea with a big squirt of citrus, and so I do.

If I want pulp I’ll eat an orange.

In fact, I choose eating oranges over drinking OJ 9 times out of 10. But that 10th time I want pulpless OJ.

Drinking OJ is pretty much the same as drinking a glass of sugar water anyway, from a nutritional standpoint.

No pulp. Pulp is gross. It’s like garbage got into the juice at the juice factory and no one threw that batch out.

Depends on the pulp, but I err on the no pulp side. At one end there’s the pulp from the skin of the orange; at the other pulp from what’s inside the skin of the segments.

OJ with pulp. It’s a warrior’s drink!

Who drinks it for nutrition? For us it’s just a way to make our day-drinking on the weekends less blatant. :wink:

Slightly prefer pulp, but no pulp is perfectly fine.


Plus, the mouthfeel ( and throat ) of what seems like hundreds of small dead bugs in suspension of the liquid grosses me out in an extremely visceral way.

I like to chew my orange juice. I don’t really drink it for fun, though. I have it in case my sugar bottoms out.

No, that’s prune juice.

No pulp for me (actually, no OJ for me since the diabetes diagnosis).

glucose tabs or syrup are far more effective for increasing glucose levels rapidly, hon. OJ needs to get run thru the liver to get turned into glucose; but glucose just gets absorbed into the blood stream and is active right off the bat.

I speak both professionally and personally. I’m type II, my daughter as CFR DM which is pretty much like type I, and I have managed thousands of patients on insulin.

too bad the damn tabs taste so nasty. or maybe it’s better that way . . .

Eh. Don’t ditch your OJ if it works for you. Orange juice does a very nice job of treating hypoglycemia, typically in 5-15 minutes.

Maybe if you are very low - or symptomatic - tabs or gel may be slightly preferred. But by then you may be approaching mini-dose glucagon territory.

Just another opinion.

Without pulp, Oj is sugar water with a bit of vitamins tossed in. The pulp gives much needed fiber of a rather useful type.

At least with pulp you’re getting some fiber. Otherwise it’s just sugar-water.

Don’t care. It’s all good.

Pulp. What I want is better described as “orange slurry.”

I don’t drink orange juice often enough or in large enough quantity to really care about relative nutritional value. I just like pulp.

I also like bubble tea and smoothies–out of curiosity, how do our pulp-hating posters feel about those?

But I hate hypoglycemic seizures and the brain damage they can leave behind. 5-15 minutes is a very long time in those cases.

I keep the tabs too. No worries. I’m t1. I’ve been managing it for quite a few years. I’ve only had a few problems compared to the stories I hear. My diabetic nurse keeps me up to date on all things.