Orch Center Tickets to see The Book of Mormon in NYC on 2/14 (Valentine's Day) - $265 each

I bought these tickets (four of them) a while back for a two couple outing, but for both personal and logistical reasons I will not go into, this outing is not going to happen. They’re in a great location, though: Center Orchestra, Row P, on the aisle. It’s about where I saw “Wicked” (which is in a larger theater) and is pretty close to perfect for seeing a show!

We paid over $260 each for these tickets net of Ticketmaster fees direct from the box office (as hard tickets), and I’d imagine they’re worth more than that, given the date… Except to make things even worse for our outing, I can’t find the tickets to sell on StubHub (I bought it/charged it on my credit card through an American Express pre-sale). If I’d had them sent to me electronically there’d be not problem, but noooo, we wanted keepsakes…!

I called the box office and they will reprint lost tickets, but only for pickup at the Will Call window on the date of the performance. This means it’s going to be VERY hard for me to resell them :frowning:

Someone other than me picking them up would need to show TWO forms of ID, one a picture ID. (Driver’s License and something else, I guess I’d have to ask what the “something else not a picture ID” would be, I guess something with your name on it like a library card?)

Anyway, if any NYC Doper is interested I would be more than happy just to get our money back, especially if you’re taking all four. PM me if interested and hopefully we can work out how to do this.