Oregon people aren't smart enough to pump gas?

So how come you Oregon people aren’t allowed to pump your own gas?

“An owner, operator or employee of a filling station service station, garage, or other dispensary where class 1 flammable liquids are dispensed at retail may not permit any person other than the owner, operator or employee to use or manipulate any pump, hose, pipe or other device for dispensing the liquids into the fuel tank of a motor vehicle or other retail container.”

ORS 480.385, Civil penalty for dispensing law violation:
Civil penalty shall become due and payable 10 days after order: up to $500.

Is this a Commie plot?

Same deal in NJ.

Search for old threads, it’s been covered a number of times on the boards.


Probably more like a union plot. I’ve seen much the same behavior (though I haven’t checked the laws) in New Jersey. Unlike much of the rest of the country I have yet to see such places as Sheetz or comparable in Jersey. All the gas stations I’ve ever seen there are the little dumpy lookin’ types that have one or two 20 year old pumps with only full service available and a one bay garage for basic mechanical work. Just a hunch, but I’d guess that it has something to do with some sort of mechanics’ or station owners’ union that managed to push something through the state legislature. Probably a similar situation in Oregon.

I’m not in Oregon, but we have a similar law in New Jersey. I think it’s a wonderful idea. I hate driving in other states. Do people in other states LIKE having their hands and clothing smell like gasoline? Why should every driver have to deal with the messiness of gas-pumping as opposed to a few people with appropriate clothing?

And don’t tell me “If you don’t want to pump gas, go to a full-service station.” There usually isn’t one.

Scenario: It’s sleeting miserably and the temperature is 10 degrees. Which makes more sense: One or two people in appropriate clothing doing the messy outdoor work, or every single person who comes in getting out of the car and slipping & sliding on the ice? If there’s no “pay at the pump” and/or it doesn’t work and/or you want to pay cash, it’s got to be more inefficient to leave the car, and go stand in line behind people buying snacks and coffee, as opposed to the pump jockey making change. And what does one do if she has small children in the car? Leave them alone with the car locked? In summer, do you leave them locked up with the engine off and the windows closed so they won’t be kidnapped? Or open the windows so they won’t be unbearably hot? Or unbuckle them & drag them into the office while you pay the bill? What do old people do? An elderly person may be perfectly able to drive yet have a real problem pumping her own gas.

We’re just “smart enough” to stay in our nice comfy cars and keep our hands & shoes clean.

How much driving have you done in NJ? We don’t have the Sheetz chain (frankly we find that name highly amusing when we find it elsewhere) but we have several low-cost chains (Raceway is one, but there are others) and gazillions of shiny mega-chains that are far from “dumpy” and have no relationship to the ones you describe.

Oregon is traditionally a state ahead of the rest. It was the first state with primaries, for example.

Idiots pumping gas scares the bejebus out of me. Engine on, smoking cigs, etc. It is much, much better to have employees doing it.

One odd thing…my mom moved from Oregon to New Jersey just because it was the only other state where you didn’t have to pump your own gas. Sike. Actually it was a job opportunity, but I sure am glad she decided to. Pumping gas sucks.

Another thing, BP recently took over all the Shell stations. And they wrapped all the taxis in green. Weird stuff.

I actually prefer to pump my own gas, mainly because I have to get out of the car anyways to pay-at-the-pump or use Interac (debit), since I don’t usually cary cash. Slightly off topic, I love the fact that I don’t pay Interac fees with the bank plan I have: unlimited debit transactions, but they charge me to go see a teller in person - fine by me!

Given the choise, I’ll stop at a self-serve before a full-service, and I’ll use a pay-at-the-pump place before a mom-and-pop EXCEPT for the green place owned by that Chinese couple on highway 6, because they are so nice and friendly, their pumps are FAST, their Interac never fails, and because they are so nice! Big smiles all the time, and I fell bad that Pioneer went and opened another gas station not far away - I don’t want these guys to close!

But seeing as how I drive the same route every day, I usually gas up there anyways.

Some people like to have the freedom to choose.

I prefer to pump my own fuel because I drive 90 miles a day. I can “top off” my tank without worrying it will expand and overflow, because I’ll burn at least two gallons on the way home. That extra gallon to gallon-and-a-half that I can get into my tank after the auto cut-off kicks in (twice) is worth another 20-30 miles. Those miles are important, too, if I’m on a road trip. Pump jockeys won’t top off the tank.

I haven’t ridden my motorcycle up north, but I suspect the attendants might not know how to properly refuel a motorcycle if they are using booted nozzles.

Two states out of 50 don’t allow self-serve and the rest of us are out of step? How can Oregon be a leader when full service was all there was up until the price of gas went from 32 cents to $1.00. Seems to me that they are seriously lagging behind.

Here’s an example of Oregon’s progressive ideas
[ul][sup]There is a charge for out-of-state visitors to Oregon’s state parks.[/sup][/ul]
This is an indicator as to the way out-of-state visitors are welcomed in Oregon.

I like pumping my own gas, too. I’ve gotten several scratches on other cars by underpaid/lazy gas attendants letting the cap drop wherever and banging the pump nozzle wherever until it “finds the hole”

I vote for self serve, and it rocks best when you have pay-at-the-pump service (so I don’t have to go into the office (a.k.a the convenience store). Over the last decade almost all gas stations around here have added canopies over the pumps, so you don’t really get wet or snowed on, and it’s good to in control of the pumping process (signs saying ‘No Topping Off’ are attentively ignored, and for good reason - my tank won’t be very full otherwise as it cuts off very early).
As close to NYC as Newburgh, NY (and closer), there are stations where you pump first and THEN pay - maybe these are common elsewhere, but these just blow my ‘Long Island thought process’ mind (as in how does the station manager prevent ‘Free Gas for Everyone, Kiddies! - Just don’t get caught’).

Source: http://www.infoplease.com/askeds/7-17-01askeds.html

Well, the state is in deep financial trouble and it did decide to cut education funding as a way to balance the budget …

Ahem…many of us are smart enough to pump our own gas, and I would prefer that the law be overturned. Although Duckster makes a point for those with disabilities, but I worked at a self-serve station in Kentucky, and it was our policy to assist anyone who could not pump their own gas and only charge the self-serve price…so I would support requiring that of gas stations.

Comes in handy during those blizzards, though. And our gas prices are still about normal with the rest of the country. I would expect a higher rate since at least one person pumping the gas has to be paid.

Personally, I think there should be a choice.

I’m reminded of this old joke. A Harvard guy and a Yale guy have just gone to the john. The Harvard guy stops at the sinks, but the Yale guy heads for the door. The Harvard guy says, “At Harvard we learn to wash our hands after going to the john.” The Yale guy says over his shoulder, “At Yale we learn not to pee on our hands.” :wink:

Nah, we’re just too lazy from sitting indoors all winter, avoiding the rain, to get out of our cars and pump gas into our cars. I moved here from PA and it took me several months to get used to not pumping my own gas.

Now, when I get that just-gotta-pump-gas-into-my-own-car jones, I can just drive 5 miles to Vancouver, Washington and pump away. I haven’t actually gotten that urge, but I know it’s there if needed.

Ummm… you do know that when you’re at a full serve pump, you don’t have to get out of your car to pay because there is an attendant there (the one pumping your gas). So, you don’t have to get out the car anyways.

Not only is NJ a full-serve only state, but the cost of gas is one of the least expensive in the U.S. (AAA) by about ten cents off the national average.

Besides, if we went self-serve optional, we all know that the cost of gas won’t go down for self-servers, they’d just raise the price for full-servers.

Cheap gas, always full-serve. Nice.


Checking in from the most densely populated state with the most roadway per capita.

I see no problem with that.

I am not trying to be obnoxious or insensitive, but could someone explain to me which class of disabled people can drive but cannot pump gas? I’m honestly baffled by this.

I’ve seen people in wheelchairs pumping gas, and while I imagine that was a significantly greater effort for them, it was doable. I suspect the ‘pay at the pump’ buttons are outside their reach, but at most stations I’ve encountered, the buttons necessary to select fuel grade, etc, would be reachable from a chair, and then they could pay at the counter (the height of which problably presents as much of a barrier as anything else in the process).

For people with other motor difficulties such that handling the nozzle/hose is a difficulty, I would think handling the steering wheel would be even more difficult yet.