Oreo update to T-Mobile Galaxy S8. Tips?

So last night my phone finally got the Oreo update. Galaxy S8 on T-Mobile, as well as Samsung Experience 9.0 (whatever the hell that is). I’ve checked a few sites but can’t really figure out what’s new with it, other than the always-on display screen clock has a double-edged minute hand.

Anyone know a link to something the just simply tells me what’s new? Other than a 45-minute YouTube video? I didn’t believe the pre-launch hype, but I can see it’s operating much faster. Was that all it did?


My answer is limited in helpfulness, because my phone isn’t Samsung, so Oreo filtered through Samsung’s excellence (?) is probably different from Google’s pure and untrammeled Oreo… but…

I’m on a Nexus 6P, a Google phone, so I got Oreo about as soon as it was available.

I didn’t see any significant changes. I guess the “new-n-improved” didn’t impinge on my “old-n-unimproved” way of using my phone.


Yeah, I wish they’d just tell me what’s new straight and simple. My unlocked OnePlus3 got the update last fall, noticed a change in the clock on sleep mode (The hour is in red sometimes) but that might have been because of OP3’s Oxygen system.

When my HTC 10 updated, I didn’t notice much. The notifications bar works a little differently, and the battery life seemed to improve a bit. The much ballyhooed “notification dots” on the app icons didn’t show up, because I’m using Nova Launcher instead of the stock launcher, but you might be getting those.

That was another thing, the dots. Saw those touted, just haven’t seen them. Stock Samsung launcher

That’s probably the trick. Who uses the stock Google launcher? I’m using ADW, so if that’s the big visible thing for Oreo, it’s invisible to me.