Origin of the flipped "M" Christmas tale?

My pastor told this story on Sunday, but to be fair, he did not claim it to be true. He received it in an email and I thought I’d go and find out whether it is true or not.


Well, here is a copy of it I found on the internet:

ChristWas Love

Basically, a kid holds his letter upside down and the “m” in Christmas becomes a w and changes the meaning.

I am interested if it is true, but I’m equally interested in its origin. I can’t find anything on Snopes and my “google-fu” is not good enough to find its origin.

Anyone know if it is true(unlikely)?

Anyone know the origin of this glurgy tale?


This woman put a ©2002 on the story.

She thinks she wrote it. I am not going to challenge her claim. So she’s the origin.

Anyone know what kind of magazine that site is? Fictional religious stories or something?

The author of the linked piece, Candy Chand, claims to be trhew author of the story, dating to 1999, and has even defended it as a copyrighted piece when it has been blogged and glurged arounf the internet:


Thanks, tomndebb.

Great research and great answer. I guess this one is solved.