Origin of "You don't know her. She's from Canada."

Usage: I do too have a girlfriend. You don’t know her. She’s from Canada.

Any ideas? Anyone ever heard a different country used?

I think that’s just the new internet version of “Oh, you don’t know her. She goes to a different high school. Across town.”

It’s from The Breakfast Club.


Definitely Breakfast Club.

It immortalized in song, too (some NWFW lyrics):


Since the question has been answered, I can post this Onion article: Canadian Girlfriend Unsubstantiated

The nerdy character in Breakfast Club was being taunted by Judd Nelson. Asked if he’s ever had a girlfriend, he claims he does but she lives in Canada.

I could have sworn Cliff Claven also made this claim.

The original quote from (http://www.fortunecity.com/meltingpot/regent/827/script.html) is:

“She lives in Canada, met her at Niagara Falls. You wouldn’t know her.”
The way I remember it, Brian says: “You wouldn’t know her, she’s from the Niagara Falls area.”

Though I admit my memory stinks.

I didn’t think the answer would be that easy and I’ve actually seen TBC a time or two. Decent results didn’t come up in Google until added I breakfast club. TVTropes has a page on it.


Also Anthony Michael Hall in ‘Weird Science’-

Wyatt: Well, what about your girl in Canada?
Gary: She lives in Canada. She has no morals. I don’t like that in a girl.

Even before that, I’m certain that antisocial kids would make that claim when backed into a corner about their apparent lack of girlfriends. The Breakfast Club may have popularized it, but I’m certain it was around before then.

Bender has the line a bit after, “In addition to numerous girls in the greater Niagara Falls area…”

Similarly, and having grown up on the USA/Canada border, it seemed to be a meme before the meme meme existed.