Orloj replica quest

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I explained that I was trying to find a small, desktop version of the clock in Blade 2. After much searching, I was able to determine that what I am actually looking for is the middle section of the Orloj in Prague


After many hours of searching using every possible combinations of words and phrases I can find, I am still without luck finding a small desktop version. If anyone can give me a hand, I’d be ever so grateful, and will bow down before you as having far superior search skills than I.

At this point, I have tried emailing a tour guide in Prague to see if the souvenir shops carrying anything like it. I’m also ready to try to email the director of Blade 2, as evidentally in the bonus material director’s interview, there is a desktop version on the desk.

Thanks … many thanks,

bangs her head on the keyboard

I’m simply going to have to start saving money to go to Prague myself.

Save a lot of money. A working desk top version of such a complicated clock/mechanism would require winning the powerball lottery!
The orloj is probably the most or one of the most complicate tower clocks in Europe if not the world.


I think I could probably design and craft a “fake” one on my own before I’m going to be albe to find one. However, I did email a tour guide in Prague, as well as the director of the Blade 2 movie. Maybe someone will be able to give me a lead.

It isn’t quite the same, but the next time you are at Versailles maybe you could “obtain” this clock.

Looks pretty spendy.

Also, I can’t imagine that there isn’t a software version of the Orloj available. If there isn’t there probably should be.

Here you go. Bring your credit card. It’s not cheap.

Actually, if it does work properly, I don’t think that is too expensive.

Well, the OP only wants the middle part, and not the whole ceramic shebang. So it’s maybe possible to write those guys and just get the mechanism itself and mount it in a block of a nice exotic hardwood.

Finagle, thank you so much :slight_smile: It isn’t exactly what I was hoping for, but I am doing as you suggested and writing the people at that site. As for price, that isn’t too unreasonable, but it was hard to see the detail in the pictures they offered. My hat’s off to you, and again… many, many thanks.