Other ways to eat Nabisco shredded wheat?

Those large size Nabisco shredded wheats are fine with milk and a sprinkle of sugar, I often ate for breakfast as a kid when all the cheerios or rice krispies were gone. I was wondering if anyone did anything else with them. My bestie from back then told me her family soaked them in hot coffee, drained them then melted butter on them then sugar and milk If I recall correctly… anyone else do something different with them?

I’ve had them with hot milk and sugar. Quite tasty!

Dang, that’s breakfast and a biskit too, all in one.
I remember a healthy cookie made with them. Don’t know of a recipe offhand.

It makes a good bread. I don’t have my mom’s recipe. Here’s a easy one.


I’ve coarsely chopped them up and used them instead of Rice Crispies in treats. They’re dense but tasty.

The small, sugar frosted ones are very nice as a sweet component in a savory snack mix.

We would toast them in the oven with a pat of butter on top. One of my favorite breakfast foods.

My mom poured boiling water over them, let them sit a minute, and drain. Sugar and milk, maybe cinnamon sugar, dee-licious.

Just this morning I saw a cooking show using them in a baklava-type dessert. I don’t know the name, but if you find a baklava recipe, the shredded wheat recipe is somewhere nearby.

Anyone remember the giant Nabisco shredded wheat sign on the factory that was in Niagara Falls years ago?

As a kid I ate them with peanut butter.

Step 1: feed Shredded Wheat to pig

Step 2: details I don’t need to describe

Step 3: eat bacon

1.serve them to unwanted guests
2 stuff the mattress with the rest

Gma used to crumble them up a bit for me and mix them with bite size chunks of peach before adding milk when they were in season when I would spend the night.

You can clean your pots with them.

Fry in melted butter. Lots of melted butter. Put on plate and pour melted buter over them.

This works on damn near any food.

Dip them in Nutella?

Crack them in half carefully along the seam, with a fork. There will be a fair amount of “loose straw”, but you can lay it onto the two intact shells.

Lay them open and put slices of sharp cheddar on the inside surfaces (which are now facing up).

Salt lightly, add a couple shakes of tabasco if you wish. Melt in broiler, in the oven.

going to look into the backlava recipe… yum

I liked mine in the cupboard, where I would (not) contemplate them while eating a breakfast of eggs, bacon/sausage/corned beef hash, and toast.

My wife soaks them in egg and fries them just like French toast.

I always had them with butter and hot milk poured over.