Our dog died

How heartbreaking - I’m so sorry

lobotomyboy63 - Have you had your home visit yet, and how did it go?


Remember that Pepsi commercial? At about :25? Like that :sweat_smile:

The grandsons are tweens but these pups were all over them.

So puppies home soon? or there with you now? do you have to wait for approval, or can they just stay?

Oh, I’m so glad! Do you have them permanantly yet?


The home visit went really well. The pups are 4 months old, littermates. The mostly white one is very friendly; he literally had each of the grandsons pinned to the ground, licking their faces, like the Pepsi video. He’s part terrier, we’re sure.

The black and white one is more mellow, part pit bull. Both are smart and clearly littermates. We have hundreds of sticks lying around the backyard, but as soon as a dog picks one up, that’s the one his brother has to have, and wrestling/jockeying ensues.

We’ve had a trip to the Home Depot as well as the pet store. They got a free treat at the pet store. Driving along afterward there was a mighty rank fart. Ah well, it’s all good! They snuggle up with each other or the grandsons for the car ride and drift off to sleep.

Mrs. L already says they’re home, gave them our last name, etc. We have a week to return them if we don’t think it’ll work. Unless they start howling at midnight, I think this is their new home.

I’ll try to get some better pictures, but for now…

I suspect it’s their new home even if they do start howling at midnight.

Congratulations to all of you!

The mostly white one has thrown up a couple times. We’re sure it’s excitement overload. They seem to be accepting us.

More “pupparazzi” pics. They sure move fast…


Sorry, some adverts that they use (free to upload) are kinda NSFW.

They’re so cute! We waited a month (after Luc died) before we got Max in October 2019. Then, he was diagnosed with cancer about 5 months ago. I sometimes cry just thinking about losing him. It’s inevitable, but so hard.

But we’re already thinking about a new one. If you’ve shared your life with a dog, it’s not easy to be without one. We’re thinking we might like to integrate a new one before Max is gone. Not sure if that will be bad for him? His medications keep him pretty spry.

What are the puppies’ names???

I’m sorry to hear that! We just lost ours 3/30 and we decided to jump right back in. We love dogs and the idea of not having one was just not for us.

I wondered if it would be better to mourn a few months, but I’m processing it as, “We gave our last dog the best life we could and she gave us a lot of love in return. It’s too bad we lost her and she’ll never be back. But I’m glad we had her as long as we did. We won’t forget her…we’ve felt her absence every day. Now other dogs need our help.”

As for names, we don’t have any yet. I suggested “Bubba” for one, but Mrs. L said “Nah!” The naming may fall to her.

Exactly! And lucky dogs those puppies are.

I have to have more than one cat.

In fact, I’m happier with at least three. If there are only two, then if something happened to one of them, there would be only one cat –

(Ceiling at four, however; for fear of otherwise winding up with forty. I couldn’t keep forty properly patted.)

– I’d ask Max. Is he happy being around other dogs?

My sincere condolences.

He has a tendency to charge dogs when we walk him, but it’s more bluster or play? He’s not as good with very young dogs, so we’ll probably go with another older dog (he was 10 1/2 when we got him). If we are able to get one from the rescue we’ve gone to the last two times, we’d definitely take Max along to check out any potential new dog.

And he’s being treated like a king. We just found out he likes toys! He was probably still adjusting to us when we tried him with toys before. Our vet included a toy with his latest med shipment, and I just tossed it on the couch. He started playing with it. Yay! But it’s just a little too big for his mouth so we got him one he could squeak himself, and he’s having a ball.

Yeah, we gotta have a dog. My deepest sympathy. Been there.

Losing a beloved pet is incredibly hard. It’s one of the hardest things I have ever gone through. The pain is so acute because we loved them so much and they loved us back.

I would suggest you allow yourselves to grieve a bit before getting a new dog. Of course, you do whatever is right for you.

Remember, all dogs go to heaven.

So sorry for your loss.

We lost our dog the end of January, and I’m still grieving. Part of me wants another dog eventually, and part of me wants a big, friendly, doglike cat.

Looks to me like they’ve already got two puppies.

Some people do need to take quite a while to grieve before they’re ready for another. Other people grieve best while hugging another.

Checkout Maine Coon breed of cat. I think if you chose a “big, friendly, doglike cat” they are your best bet.

Personally, I am a dog person but I love cats too (and have had more than a few). I always wanted a Maine Coon but you are not likely to find them in a shelter unless you are very lucky.

:tada: :confetti_ball:Happy Dope anniversary, BTW! :tada: :confetti_ball:

Thanks! I didn’t even notice. Ha. Wish I had a real piece of pie right now.