Our first Jack-O-Lantern and welcome to it!

Well, technically not the first time I have tried this, but the first time it came out halfways decent.

Pictures here

These nice folks over in A very novice jack-o-lantern question thread help immensely, lots of good, helpful ideas. Plus I have learned that it’s important to have the right tools and use them correctly if you want to get good results.

The Olethlings[sup]TM[/sup] are quite excited, as you can see in the pix. The best part was the boy, who had never seen a pumpkin before, kept claiming that he was “going to eat it all up” and “this is VERY interesting”.

Now onto Trick or Treating fun tonight. The weather is supposed to be very nice and warm here today, about 70 F.

Shibb, I am properly impressed! Nice job! Thanks for sharing! Ya gots a coupla cute kidlets there, too!

The door-to-door beggars here may get rained upon. Gee, I might be stuck with all that candy all for myself… how very sad…


First, Wow! What amazingly beautiful children you have. Although it’s not surprising considering the genes they inherited from good 'ol dad.

Second, beautiful pumpkins. I especially like the skeleton one. I stink at carving jack-o-lanterns. No matter what my original idea is, I always end up with 3 triangles and a screwed up mouth. (Unless I use on of those carving kits but then I feel like a big cheater. A big cheater with a kick butt jack-o-lantern, but a big cheater none the less).

Parenthetically yours,
tevya (maker of screwy jack-o-lanterns)

Wow, nice job.

But did you save the seeds and fry them up? Yummy-yum-yum.

The seeds have been duly fried and eaten, mon frere! They were delicious but I had to leave for a late volleyball game and by the time I was back they had magically disappeared. Apparently the girl likes pumpkin seeds. And peas. But that’s a different story.

Mmmmm… deep fried peas. All the wholesomeness of a vegetable completely negated by the deep frying process. Add some salt, and the Perfect Snack.

I’m going to add to the chorus here.

Beautiful kids.

Great looking pumpkins. I am partial to the happy pumpkin. Very cleanly carved.

Ah, gets me misty. Good memories.