Our Newest (?) Overlord

MsRobyn -

Perhaps I am just unobservant, but MsRobyn seems now to have joined the exalted ranks of the SDSAB.

Is this the thread vaulting you into the stratosphere? It is signed “Robin”. Is that you? If not, which thread is it?

And congratulations!


Yes. http://boards.straightdope.com/sdmb/showpost.php?p=8314012&postcount=22

Thanks, G.


That would, in fact, be me. For various reasons, I use my actual first name instead of my SDMB user name.

And thanks for the congrats!


I already congratulated Ms Robyn in that thread, but I can do it again. We’re very pleased to have her join the Exalted Ranks of the SDSAB.

I always thought the “Robyn” vs “Robin” was just that you were a poor speller? ::: ducking :::