Our newest Pit moderator: Fluiddruid

I think those might be jillboots.

Welcome fluiddruid

I know some people don’t have the highest regard for moderators but I think that
[Eddie Haskell] they do an extraordinary, thankless job. You can be sure that I’ll always adhere to the rules and regulations of the SDMB. And that’s a lovely dress you are wearing Mrs. Cleaver. [/Eddie Haskell]

You got groupers?

I got gropers.

Sixty-eight year old gropers.




Hmmmm …

Source: Google Definitions

Source: Google Definitions
I’ll leave it up to others to combine the two.
Welcome fluiddruid


I don’t venture too much into the pit, so you’ll probably rarely see me. But good luck!

Michael Jackson’s a mod?!?!!!?! :eek:

No, wait, there’s a dash. Whew! :smiley:

Good luck, fluid. :slight_smile:

Thanks, everyone, for your support, it’s appreciated.

Yeah, you say that now.

Welcome, Fluid!
(Watch out for unca beer) :slight_smile:


Kythereia gropes fleas!

Man, that even weirder than sh…
Naaaah, I won’t say it. :wink: