Out of the mouths of rock stars...

Alice Cooper is waxing profound…

Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Yep, I’ve always thought Alice was a pretty intelligent guy. And hot!

Does this mean I don’t have to listen to how de Boss says I should vote? :smiley:

How about Willie? He’s not a rock star. :rolleyes:

My willie is.

Yeah, but I’ll bet politics doesn’t excite him, at all.

Mine stands firmly for Bush.

I must go home and scrub that image from my brain with a variety of power tools.

If a B-movie actor can be president, then why can’t a rocker have a well informed opinion on the issues. The Moron tag doesn’t apply to people like Frank Zappa, Chuck D or Jello Biafra. As much as I love Alice, I’m pretty sure he’s a conservative republican (not that there’s anything wrong with that) so of course he’s gonna say that about the various rockers against Bush.

On the other hand, maybe he was talking about rock stars like Ted Nugent :smiley:

The next thing he said was “Why are we rock stars? Because we’re morons. We sleep all day, we play music at night and very rarely do we sit around reading the Washington Journal.” - I think his gist was that ignorant people are looking to equally ignorant people for guidance here, and just because someone’s famous doesn’t make them some kind of expert.

And yeah, he’s a Republican, but I got the feeling that he was talking about himself, Ted Nugent, Linda Rondstatd, REM, Bruce Springsteen…well, everyone. The ability to write a catchy song or two does not make one an expert on foreign policy, economics, or anything else other than writing catchy songs.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but Rush and his ilk constantly babble on about who we should vote for but, when challenged, are quick to respond that they’re only ‘entertainers’. If he can express his opinion daily to the masses then, as a citizen why shouldn’t Springsteen have the right to support the political of his choice by doing benefits etc.?

jlzania, I think you are missing the point (or reading into the message, a point that’s not there). Alice didn’t say that Springsteen should shut up and sit quietly in one of his mansions without an opinion. He was trying to get across that those that are listening to any opinion that Springsteen might have should take into consideration that he may not be well-qualified to be an advisor on what your opinion should be.

Point taken,Standup Karmic but wouldn’t that necessarily imply that anyone who takes an entertainer’s opinion as writ on who to vote for is doing both themselves and the country a disservice?
Iwent to a lecture earlier this year and the featured speakers were Tucker Carlson and Paul Baglia.
Carlson was of the opinion that the only worse than a non-voter was an uneducated voter.
I tend to agree-if you’re voting for a candidate based on what a rock star or a media pundit has to say-just don’t.

And my Bush likes them to stand firmly.

Actually, there are a few Rock Stars who I would vote for, based on hearing them speak on talk shows… but it’s a pretty damn short list:

  • Todd Rundgren
  • Frank Zappa ('cept he’s dead)
  • Keith Richards

OK. So the real list is one shorter.

Easily qualifies for the finals in the non-sequitur of the week competition.

And I think he’s mistaken…in that regard, anyway. I think rock stars expect that people are looking to them for guidance, and are hoping people are looking to them for guidance, but I don’t think most people actually are looking to them for guidance, even though some may be swayed out of a sense of an us-vs.-them willingness to belong to the cool set rather than the adult (read dull and boring) set.

Exactly! And this is why I get so annoyed at these people. They expect people to follow their lead just because they are who they are, not because of what they know.