Outdated Beer Awards

I am staring at a can of Heineken. It has not been opened. Its lable tells me it is the winner of several (presumably) prestigious awards: Diplome D’Honneur Amsterdam, 1883; Medaille D’Or Paris, 1875; Grand Prix Paris, 1889; Hors Concours Membre Du Jury Paris, 1900. At first glance this seems impressive – but wait! According to its own lable, this beer hasn’t won anything for nearly a century. What gives?

Are these the kind of awards that can only be won once, or is my beer resting on its nineteenth century laurels?

Dont think about it… just drink it. Does it taste good?? You bet it does… though I find heiniken a bit skunky. I have wondered what it would taste like fresh… without exposure to sunlight. I digress.

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Pabst won something in 1900 and has been “Blue Ribbon” ever since.
The last time I saw that brew consumed in any quantity was in the movie MAS*H.

A1 steak sauce’s label also touts many-a prize at the turn of the century and nary a recent award.

Unless the steak is of poor quality, I don’t use the stuff anymore (sticking to horseradish) but this decision has nothing to do with their awards history.

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Yeah, and Dr. Henry Kissinger has not
won a Nobel Peace Prize since 1973.

Doug B. Pabst Blue Ribbon was a pretty hot commodity in David Lynch’s “Blue Velvet.”

Can I fiddle with HB’s question a little, to make it more interesting?

How come we don’t hear about these awards any more? Do they still exist? What food/beverage product HAS won the Diplome D’Honneur Amsterdam lately?

Oh, and Jack Daniels Tennessee Whiskey was the other label that came to mind when I read the OP, along with A1 Steak Sauce and Peychaud’s Bitters. Mix the three together for a mighty tasty aperitif.


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If you were looking for my permission here it is. Anything that can shed light on obscure beverage and/or condiment awards is right up my alley.