Outlook 2007 help

I’m not sure why this isn’t working… I have my To-Do Bar visible, which shows a small calendar (with bolded numbers for dates I have scheduled appointments), a list of tasks, and a list of appointments. But my appointements section isn’t populated. I have a meeting in 30 minutes, but it’s not showing. Under Options, I have “show 3 appointments” selected - but…nothing.


Try clicking on Help and select disabled items…see if maybe that’s listed as disabled. Re-enable it if it is.

Nope - the only thing disabled was “ShowSenderPhoto”.

(Neat function there - I never look in “Help”.)

Right-click on the top bar (right where it says “To-Do Bar”) and ensure that “Appointments” is checked. If it’s not, you won’t see appointments even if you have Options set the way you describe.

Nope, it’s checked. There’s even a note there that says “no appointments”.

Edit: Ah - the correct answer was “restart Outlook”. Something got futzed and it’s back to normal.

Now you know why that’s the first step on any computer helpline. To the point that those of us who do this work a lot assume you’ve already tried it.